If you call the richest person in the world to be the happiest person than it is the biggest joke you crack because very rarely you find a person happy both in the imaginary and real life.  But for some real life may be a new word. I want to share my views with those, thank you is the simple yet powerful word. To start living in a real world start thanking your creator for the life he has given you.
                                                \”French correctly say mercy for thank you\”
    Truly we ask for God\’s mercy and not justice because if God was to give justice and not mercy, none of us would get salvation. To start living in the real world say thank you because your small word can bring a smile which is priceless.

Categories: Self-help

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  1. how true sivaranjini….u r right….its something a very stong and powerful word…..which have the iconoclastic power to break the dawn…as well as the credo of superiority of people who always like to dominate in the world….awesome…well done….:-)


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