My surroundings did not tell I am unable to do things but they felt so . Did not accept me as one among them. And as I was left alone I started thinking am I really unable? And within seconds I had tears rolling down my eyes.
But today I thought who are these people and what do they really know about me. Not  even a 3% of me do they really know. So It is me who knows everything about me. And I know I will surely transform all  my inabilities to abilities. And surely people who enforced on my instabilities will  feel my absence. 
     IT IS SAID ONLY PAIN YOU UNDERGO PUTS  LADDER TO WHAT YOU DESERVE IN LIFE. I would like to say  the energy of transformation would  surely come from only three sources the inevitable gift from God that is mom, dad and the mercy of the creator himself. As I come to an end  i would like to say to all my readers its only you who can put you down and no one else So what ever may come never let yourself down.

Categories: Self-help

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