TRUST – Magnificence of this word can never be fully conveyed for it is the beginning of   friendship, love, care, concern, bonding and togetherness and it is the fuel with which whole world runs. This time for a change I would like to convey my views to the people who were the reason for our entry to this world-our loving parents.  But to few parents who still don\’t believe in  talents of their son/daughter. 

I want to convey my views through this post. Every parent wants their son/daughter to become a successful person in life. They want them to rise up, compete and win the world . As I write this I happen to remember a famous dialogue \”life is a race run …run…. but  parents have the full right to wish that all good things should be possessed by their children but the way they pose these challenges to be a successful person as a burden on their children where by they use a tool called comparison. 

    By comparing two individuals the one who is week can never improve. Instead of boosting the talent it just hinders their way to success because they feel that the people they believed without a second thought in life is not believing in their talent.

    My humble request to my readers is that instead of putting  down your children  keep encouraging them and tell them they are the best  and  they can reach even the sky through persistent hard work. And each and every individual God created is unique and bestowed with some  type of  immense talent and that is why they are blessed with life on earth. As I  wind up I would just tell parents are people with magical powers of transforming their children into successful people whose achievements are never ending. I would get the fulfillment of  writing this if only one parent is able to understand  what I want to convey and be a milestone of  success to their children.

Categories: Self-help

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