The essence of innocence

Today being children’s day let’s open the windows of hearts and peep in to see the childish innocence inside us. At whatever phase of life we are at now We all have gone through this beautiful phase in our lives “childhood”. Even if it has become memories now, I am sure it would be golden memories which would bring  smile whenever you think of them. 

      The days when mother’s kiss meant the world, Father’s hug  gave a heroic feeling of happiness that the best things around the world belonged to me. It is inevitable truth that the  happiest in the world  are children because they are blessed people with most  valued gifts from God. 
       They don’t know to hide anything they just speak out their hearts, they don’t  have an ego which is a obstacle to successful life, whatever mistake they make they apologize immediately and surrender for love, yes  relationships would be stronger and every marriage would be made in heaven and every couple would become made for each other if people could learn this from children.
       Children always remain a cure to sorrows and they can fill colors of happiness even in the most unhappiest place  with their smile. They are bestowed with positive vibes that they never give up be it anything in the world.
      It is unambiguous that every child  sees the world through God’s eye ,  and the best way to make God happy is to bring a smile  on every child’s face. I  also want to convey a very important message that never mind how old we grow if we can open the window of our heart and cherish the childish innocence then we can surely live a happy life without regrets and would always give hearty laugh like a child. 
       I  proudly dedicate this post about children and their innocence to the first prime minister of India “Jawaharlal Nehru” who always had known the essence of innocence and he being the one and only leader who wanted to celebrate his birthday as children’s day to show his love for them. As there is childishness inside every individual   I want to wish everyone a very happy children’s day.

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