The miracle formula of the miracle man of india-DR.APJ ABDHUL KALAM

As I started writing about  this wonderful person for the first time so many beautiful  thoughts were  jumping in my mind asking me to write them first .
  A visionary of India –  A great teacher ; a inspirational author  ; a scientist  who made our nation proud and above all a human being who respected and loved science, technology and humanity to highest level possible .
Being born as a boatman\’s son in Rameshwaram, he studied by distributing  papers and through dedication and hard work became the 11th  president  of India and proved  that leaders are created by their own will to serve the nation .
A man of simplicity is his ideal  identity. He was a  great source of inspiration and he gave the youth  true meaning of the word dream that it is the burning desire to succeed that does not allow you to sleep .
His contribution and inspirational words of wisdom will inspire and motivate the youth of today and the generations to come.
And today I wanted to share with you all the formula given for the word knowledge by our former president according to him knowledge = creativityrighteousness + courage .
He lived according to this and that is how he remains to be a miracle man of India  .
  CREATIVITY   The scientist was the fountain of creativity  he  launched rockets and kept India glowing bright among the nations of the world and he made weightless artificial limbs for the physically challenged and  this invention was the one which made him the happiest  and that is why  he said creativity is the beginning of knowledge when you dream you think , when you think you create and when your creation helps others that is knowledge and purpose of life .
RIGHTEOUSNESS  is living a life in the path of light shown by God  and according to me it is treating everyone  like own self . During his journey to IIM  Sir Abdul Kalam went on to thank a security guard who stood up for his security for five hours .
He thanked him and felt sorry  that because of me you stood for so long . And greeted him with his words of kindness. He is a man of righteousness who lived the life to the fullest.
 COURAGE  every part of this great leader\’s life belongs to this word – The courageous tamilian born in a family were only love was present in abundance  became a person loved by all .
His courage to change his life by hard work and his courage to invent create explore and his courage to inspire people and think about the future generation made him tell help the future by planting a billion trees .
I think India has lost its leader but his teachings and contribution will continue to glow in the heart of every Indian and he will  continue to live in the form of light of knowledge inside every Indian and the light of inspiration he ignited will enlighten India and the world forever .
As youth of India we will strive hard to make all your dreams come true #may his soul of righteousness rest in peace.
This is my small sign of tribute to people\’s  president and leader to be cherished in the thoughts of every Indian.
You will live forever though the seeds of dreams you sow in the minds of Indian youth.
Thank you God for giving such a leader and wonderful human being. RIP DR.APJ Abdul kalam

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