LOVE – in disguise

A word for life a word with life, and the very beginning of life ; And the only reason for life to prevail and the world to exist ;  It is all because  of  this  small little word with immense power . Today I have a different perspective  for love  and I hope you all will the  accept it .  love has different disguise and differs according to the roles we play in life . After the floods in Chennai and Cuddalore the scenario  which prevailed  was a  history for both the places. Mother nature lost her patience for a while and rains poured down heavily which went over the control of human beings and many people lost their lives and for some it was very difficult to get back to their normal lives as their lives turned upside down but  love  disguised as humanity lend the helping hands and supported each other. Notably youth of both the places went a long way to wipe the tears of those in need they just proved they can use social media to make a heart felt difference in lives of individuals . Some prepared food , some rescued , some helped , some distributed essentials  and funded to help  I am not here to boost youth power or complain  about anyone all I could see is that all have done their parts  in the time of need. I read posts that humanity is replenished I could rather say love the universal language is redefined in the name of humanity as the deep rooted love was the reason of humanity . When you shed your tears for another heart in pain, when you extend your arms of love in the hour of need and when you just close your eyes for a minute and pray and ask god to lessen the pain of the victims . I think it is the greatest act of love renamed as humanity.

 As the volunteers  and people from different sectors put their joint effort the recovery was possible . ALL I COULD SAY IS  AS LONG AS LOVE IN DISGUISE OF HUMANITY WILL CONTINUE TO PREVAIL GOD WILL PREVAIL IN EVERY HEART AND the world will continue to prevail in the name of this word Love . Wish you all a very Happy New year 2O16  and I dedicate this post to all those who made the change in time of need with this unique blessing from God \”LOVE\” . 

Categories: Self-help

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