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After a along time as I felt I should write about this  \”the intution inside me whispered this time it should be for parents.\” I am not a great writer nor I have published a book but to talk about this I just need to be humanitarian and i hope my post would help readers some way.
 As the results for board exams were out yesterday there were toppers who through their hard work achieved their dream and made others look at them and learn from them.
But every student who went through their board exams should have done their best may be their efforts were not recognized but its true that there is no one in the world who dosent like to face success in their lives. So there is no one who has planned anything less than success its just that success will take a little more time to reach some people. 
A heart felt request to all the parents who\’s son/daughter have appeared for the board exams let it be any number any mark  it  would be the  hard work of your son or daughter according to  his or her ability.
No mark or any number is worth the happiness of your son/daughter please do not compare their marks or achievement with anyone else for every one is unique don’t force them to join courses which they are not interested just because as parents you want them to be successful in their lives or just for the belief that only some professional degrees are respected in the society its absolutely not  true .

Think for good!!! instead of discouraging them give wings to their interest and give way for their dreams ask them what they want to be and after that take decision.

I just want to tell parents that they can become support system to their son/daugter instead of doubting their ability your word of encouragement can help them reach success in their lives  in a greater way than any parent could have ever imagined .
 I am not saying its not right for parents to have expectations they will and they should have,  because they have done many sacrifices throughout their lives to see their son /daughter successful in life and its quite natural. 
To all the parents I would say have a dream to see your child successful but give them the freedom to choose their path towards success may  be  not everyone\’s destination or success image is same. 
Spare some time  help them find their area of interest and encourage it put them in courses which would allow them to love what they do,  for successful people believe that their secret of success is that they do what they love help your child to find passion in his/her  proffession than no doubt he/she will be successful . 
May be some times the path which your child chooses  may take a little longer to approach success a kind request to all the parents reading my blog  be patient keep loving and  continue giving your support throughout the success journey of your son /daughter for your love and support will give the strength to fight all the obstacles in the journey of life . 
Believe me my dear parents you are the people who can create the magic called success and happiness in the lives of your loved ones I dedicate this post to all the parents who have sacrificed many things in  their lives to see their child successful. Accept your child completely with their flaws, be their strength and support them when needed and truly you will be proud of them one day. 
Great people are not born but created so my dear parents create people who the whole world will look upto and the world will be soon filled with more successful and happy people and  many more proud parents as well. 

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  1. Hai satish success in this post is what you heart and soul wishes to achieve beyond all obstacles in life in one word it is \”passion\” which drives life through out Thank u for taking the time to read my dear friend


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