Be the best you

As I get back to my passion today after quiet a long time I would like to share my thoughts on \”being the best you\”  
Give some time for yourself see that you spend 15 mins each day. Make a routine of any exercise be it aerobics, yoga or anything of your choice that you enjoy for at least four days a week however busy you are just 15 mins can keep you energetic the whole day. Music is one best way to relax that i follow my self or a book you love to read will also go a long way doing this however self help books are my choice because it enhances positivism in life you can read your favorite books  as well . 

 Do something you love to do be it drawing, painting, writing, art and craft anything that you like to do and you will not get bored  doing it this will help you stay the way you would like to be always that is in the best state of body and mind possible.
Be good , laugh more, keep learning something good and new always and for ever. Forgive as much as possible. And most important Say \”sorry\” when you should, and say \”thank you\” where ever needed  as these words are the real gift to mankind. Don\’t discourage anyone help them if possible to come out of their obstacles and difficulties .

Above all \”be compassionate to all\” because it is the best gift human beings can give to others. In India where culture, tradition, values prevail why  human beings do things which hurt other human beings be it violence against women or any thing which hurts? 
Excuses that for being kind and compassionate the concerned person should be related to us  Isn\’t this the biggest ever mistake we do?
 lets think  lets change for good, be it men or women let\’s treat them as human beings. Always remember the pain and wounds always hurt the other person the same way it does to you .  

  Wish you all a very happy new year 2017 lets be compassionate and live the change that the nation needs the most I dedicate my post to people who are going to live the change that i wish will happen soon making lives better and beautiful.

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