Today I am really proud  and happy for writing this post and my passion for  blogging has got a worthy meaning with me doing  my part as a support for jallikattu  for which the whole of TamilNadu is standing up together. As  a simple Indian Tamil girl even I thought why are they playing Jallikattu because I thought it causes injuries to the player  and the bull even after knowing its a part of my tradition  but when this issue came up I  thought of educating my self about it.
\”தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா\”
Firstly I would like to share  some important things what I came to know about Jallikattu.

It is not  bull racing or fighting it is bull embracing.  we have rightly named it \’ஏறுதழுவல் \’ 

In this bulls are not killed or death of bulls  never happen in fact the owner of the bull takes care of it to the fullest if at all it gets hurt because he values his pet as his own child.
The reason behind jallikattu is that it is used to select the strongest bulls. The bull which wins is used for breeding and the others are used for ploughing the field. The natural breeding leads to healthy cows which ensures healthy milk for the future generations. At this point we will take responsibility for saving native cattle of India .

Knowing the importance of the game the kings of historical India used it to encourage the youth to participate and win. They tie the gold coins to horns of the bull so that  the winner can receive  it. Its how the game got its name salli-coins and kattu-is the tied bags which holds it. It also strengthens the bull and improves his valour.

So now I will say the reason Why Tamilians play it ?
It marks the valour of the rural  village men in TamilNadu. Evidence on the sculptures tells that it was a game played as a mark of tradition in the historical India from age old times.
In every game injuries tend to happen remember \”when there is no pain no gain too\”.  In the pursuit of saving the native breed I think injuries are of no significance. Beyond everything health is one\’s right. Already we have replaced our old ways and healthy eating and have paid for it with diseases.
One day to mark the harvest festival jallikattu is played and it is not about harming the bull.  Don\’t we play with our pets at home ?
Think about it !!! 
And lastly I respect every culture and tradition the same way I love and respect my Tamil tradition and culture. I am a person who believe I am an Indian beyond all the differences of boundaries. My one kind request to non supporters is that we  are not  asking for your support but please do not appose it without knowing the real genuine reason behind it.  \”Hum sub indians aur achi badlaav kaliyae ek hona zaruri hey agar ho nahe saka tho dusron ki baat par naa aana hi bahooth achi baat hey\” and that is the best thing to do.
\”WE HAVE STOOD UP FOR OURSELVES AND WE KNOW TO FIGHT FOR WHAT WE WANT\” and we believe our queries will be heard by the government and soon the required actions to restore the game that signifies our culture and tradition will be taken.
Today I dedicate the post to every youth of TamilNadu who is protesting peacefully to play the game which marks their valour. \”I COMPLETE THE POST WITH THE HOPE THAT TAMIL MEN WILL EMBRACE THE BULL SOON\” 

\”HONOUR FOR VALOUR\” as Shakespeare said  was always a part of our tradition and will always continue to be.  #United we stand #SAVEJALLIKATU #JUSTICEFORJALLIKATTU

#Victory  Latest pic of jallikattu #Bull Embracing 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your view on Jallikattu, but I feel there are many more ways to identify the strength of bulls whether to used them for agriculture or breeding.


  2. An interesting post showing your viewpoint on this matter Sivaranjini. Though I have not taken a personal stand on the matter, I am generally against sports which use animals. However I appreciate how you have explained your side of the story.Noor Anand Chawla


  3. I had heard about this festival long ago and really did not know its proper significance. learnt a lot about it with your post and it is really appreciating you had shared your honest thoughts about it.


  4. I never heard about these festivals, from your post only I came to know about it. And I appreciate your genuine thoughts regarding it. But I am against sports which are related to animals


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