Words are true blessings when used promptly

Be kind with your words you never know what kind of magic they can do. They can heal and make a  person feel better, can even bring a smile on the face of a complete stranger, which is yet another way to reach Gods. Words are beautiful gifts and therefore make sure you use them effectively, turning the world around you beautiful. Words can do a lot of things but most importantly, when used in right way, words can give solutions for a lot of problems.
Presenting to you our story teller Shelly once again. Once again she is found playing with the pebbles, sitting on the rock.  Suddenly something in her head reminded her of her soul penetrating passion about story telling and so the mermaid started to share a completely new story to the daffodils and dolphins. Since Shelly told stories of interesting human beings and also made a point to impart beautiful lessons through her stories, the daffodils and dolphins sat ready as a child, eagerly nodding for the story.
So here is our Shelly for you taking a break from her pebble game to narrate a beautiful story of the young girl Niralyaa – A nineteen-year-old happy college goer unfortunately diagnosed with a rare eye disorder, requiring a surgery. It was a bright Monday morning. Niralyaa was admitted to a hospital for the surgical procedure where she finds an anesthetist, who is there to give her a local anesthesia injection on her troubled eye.
The young girl’s hands shivered as she heard a doctor tell her \”This injection could be more painful than the usual but will help you bearing with the pain of the surgery\”. Niralyaa, being the strong willed person that she was, underwent the pain without uttering a word of pain, though her eyes did well up with tears. Surprisingly even after using the anesthesia, her eyes would not stop watering, which made the doctor ask “is it still hurting?”. Niralyaa replied in negative. “Don’t worry\” added the doctor with a pleasant smile, \”you will be alright and your surgery will be successful. All the best!\” His words were really healing the young girl, giving her the courage she needed immensely. \”Thank you doctor\” she replied back with a sigh of relief and happiness.  Thereafter, the surgical procedure started and when it ended, it was a success indeed.
Today, when after a month, she had entered the doctor’s cabin once again, for a regular post surgery check, she looked better and more confident. As perfect as her name! But even today Niralyaa remembers how the simple words of the anesthetist gave her courage in the time of need, which always brings a smile on her face.
As she completed the story Shelly waved a good bye and took a dive as she has to meet her friends and join them to witness the water dance near the whirlpool.

To all my reader’s I have to say only one thing keep your words kind and pleasing as far as possible because you never know who it is going to heal and give courage at the time of need.  Until I meet you all with a new story and a fresh post stay blessed and take care. Thank you
And special thanks to Ackansha for adding beauty to my post as usual.

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