Education for a better and bright tomorrow

All the education is inherent in man said  Swami Vivekananda who can tell this better than him. Education in today’s world has become online.  Everything that you want could be googled and learned thereby. In an era like this education should revolve around building the confidence of a child. In  India, a sixth-grade child is judged for his/ her abilities. I believe no number and no grade can even figure out what a child can and can\’t do. It\’s just the thinking and analytical abilities that are developed at that young age and no doubt they are important but putting a pause to the child’s capability is the last thing one should do.  The teachers are extremely blessed people on the earth for they get to build the generation of tomorrow. Teaching children to adapt to the learning environment and cultivating a never-ending urge to learn should be the primary aim of a school. All teachers can be motivators. Instead of judging, teachers can act as a mentor who could be easily approached. This will help every child in discovering the dormant talents that would, later on, help them do well in life. What we say to our children about their ability at a young age becomes their inner voice in the later years. Teachers and parents are people who can really make the difference with very simple weapons called words. It just takes the simple effort to talk to them, about how they can improve themselves in the areas of life after all the goal of education is continuous improvement. The time taken for learning may differ, some may learn it sooner some may learn it later but what is important is the effort the child puts in to learn. Developing an interest to learn is what is important at schooling. A child must understand that he/she is her only competitor and how each day becomes a stepping stone for learning and improvement in one’s life. Let\’s put an end to judging children by the number game it\’s not the number which makes the child’s ability but the confidence that is inculcated along with education. Secondly, all the major religious books in India just have one thing in common be it, Gita, Quran or bible is to treat every human being as you treat your own self.  children should first be thought how to be a good human being rather being thought to be a good girl or a boy. Most of the problems arise with the differences we inculcate at a young age. humanity and oneness must be thought beside all the differences and with its values, morals, culture, and tradition automatically falls into place. And all the violence against humanity disappears making  “unity in Diversity’’ true forever. Thirdly what we are learning must be practically useful for daily life whatever we learn from book is useful only from exam point of you , a science student knows about the human body , an accountancy student knows about banking, a techie knows about technology, a nutritionist knows about  healthy food, a psychologist knows about the mind. But every educated child of tomorrow must have basic knowledge about human body, mind, food, health,  banking, and technology and not only about the history of great leaders but about the present political condition of the country so that they know who they should vote to be their leader in the future.  because the basic agenda of knowledge will help them in their daily lives making everyday life better, healthy and happy for them. children must be thought to make their lives better than yesterday in each day that follows that is the true education for future generations to come.
Now touching all of you the thank you way. Shelly is a mermaid who melts the reader’s heart through stories in my blog. She spins the wheel of imagination, sitting on a rock in the sea. I am inviting  Shelly who is painting shells in vibrant colors to make a jewel for herself What makes Shelly different is that she tells stories of human beings imparting beautiful lessons. Through them, she puts her half-made pink shell jewelry aside to share a story of a brave girl, Anushiya. It was a bright sunny day! Anushiya was a twelveth grade student, average in studies but quite creative. It was the day the English teacher distributed papers. The English teacher had no good opinion about anushiya previously. As she got her paper in hand “the teacher called out anushiya “what have you written in your essay, not even a word from the book ‘’ anushiya said I have written it taking the message from the last leaf by o henry only mam. You can check mam.\” she said softly. \”You and your stories keep it to yourself\”, replied the teacher with anger. She didn\’t even take the time to read. She asked a girl to read it out to the class. For anushiya, it was an insult. No one said a word, but the girl who read the paper was a topper. She said,  \”don’t worry anu “ your essay was good but you wrote in your own words and she doesn’t like it\” That was the last hour of that day. Anushiya has to take leave the next day for some unavoidable reason. So she came with her leave letter to meet her class teacher, unfortunately, her English teacher “ oh you want to take leave I doubt whether you will clear your boards if you go this way ‘’ rudely signing the leave letter. “The words of the teacher hurt anushiya she worked very hard scoring a 185 out of 200 in her boards. And after four years anu is now a  well-known writer and has come to deliver a speech about creativity to her school and this time the same teacher putting a cross on anushiya‘s forehead I am proud of you and may God bless you, my dear, she said. As Shelly completed the story she waved goodbye and sat back to complete her jewel. To all my readers I would say don’t judge children instill confidence and become their strength that is education and it is the need of the hour.

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