\”The fuel for the vehicle of life\” the  \”Antidote\” which counteracts the hustle-bustle in the hearts of human beings. It\’s always said optimism and hope are qualities of the undefeated.

    There is hope in the sunrise, there is hope in the raindrops that make the ocean, where flowers bloom there is hope, there is hope in the perpetual waves of the ocean and there is \”immense hope and optimism in a mom\’s prayer for her child.\”

   It is an immortal truth that God never denies the prayer of a mother because it always is a selfless prayer to which nothing in this world of illusion can even be compared.

\”A prayer alone has the everlasting power to act as an antidote to all the obstacles of life. \”

  Touching the blog chatter #AtoZChallenge  the \”Thank You\” way I am presenting to you all the mermaid Shelly resting on the rock and listening to the tranquil music of nature who is also waiting eagerly  to awe  the readers with magical yet realistic stories of human beings that penetrates the soul  with heartwarming messages that can teach you the  lessons of life in a simple yet effective way.

  Shelly starts to pour her heart out with a realistic story of a strong mother giving evidence to all the readers an idea about her soul-stirring passion of telling beautiful stories.
  It was a day before Niralya\’s baby shower. A beautiful and confident mom to be. It was the beginning of the eighth month and the baby shower was planned and all the preparations were on a full swing. The rituals of the ceremony were planned for the next day. But to everyone\’s surprise, the baby was born in all of a sudden making it a premature delivery.

   Some elders in the family said the baby is very small and it would hardly survive. Niralya\’s eyes were welled up with tears the moment she heard this. After some silence, Niralya said  \”This child is God\’s gift to me I will make all the efforts needed to help my child survive and lead a happy life. I am ready to face any problem in this regard with full of optimism and hope in her sparkling eyes she also added God is testing me and motherhood has endowed me with the undoubted power of selfless love that can transform the world in no time\”. Within a few years, Niralya\’s baby Shivani grew up to be a beautiful little girl.

  She was an average student and sometimes teachers complained about Shivani\’s abilities. But nothing would disturb the confidence that Niralya had about her child. She always said, \”My dear work hard and keep praying and always remember God is just a prayer away\”. For Shivani, her mom\’s optimistic words of wisdom gave the path that she traveled for her lifetime.

  It is only her mom\’s belief that made Shivani a  successful motivational speaker that everyone can look up to in times of hardships and difficulties in life. 

   To all the parents I would like to say help your child to build a belief system made out of these simple yet powerful pillar words \”Hope and optimism.\”

  Believe it or not, the belief system is what makes your child\’s inner voice or intuition powerful enough to face the world with hope and optimism and come out with flying colors in each and every situation of life.
  Above all remember it\’s your obstacles and pain that makes you better with every single day that passes by. Putting an end to her story Shelly made herself ready for a sea dive which is one of the interesting hobbies she always enjoyed being a mermaid living in the underwater world.

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