The Blessing Of Life

  As human beings, we all love to be loved and appreciated by special people of our lives because it gives us the power to overcome the difficult situation of our lives and improves the emotional strength of individuals to a great extent.
  Words of appreciation, a hug, a smile, a small conversation where you just share the happenings of the day all these small gestures hold great value in making our daily lives better and beautiful. Because the messages they convey are of immense depth because they symbolize care, love and concern most importantly it enhances \”trust\” the quality out of which love becomes permanent as stated by the famous poet William Shakespeare  \”Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds\” such a kind of eternal love can only be experienced no words can even describe it.
 But can be felt when the heart starts to believe that there is someone who will always be there in all the walks of life holding up our spirit when we go through ups and downs in life. This can be any blessed bonding gifted by our creator. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister or anyone who can act as a blessing by being a pillar of strength during the time of need.
    I always believe we should be thankful for every person who is ready to appreciate the efforts we take to make their lives better and spend some time listening to things that bother us. It is not that they have a solution to every problem of ours but the fact that they are ready to listen to us giving us their time the part of their lives they will never get back itself makes us feel better. Every such person must be treasured for a lifetime considering them to be one of the biggest blessings we would ever wish for.
  Always remember treasure your blessings and be thankful for it. And be a blessing in someone\’s life be the reason behind their smile that is the best thing you can ever do to a fellow human being because these simple things give hope and optimism and sometimes help as a source of power to deal with life. 

  Shelly our mermaid friend was in search of pearls to make a jewel for herself however she came across a more precious story of a newlywed couple which she decided to share because it was apt for the topic of the day \”Be A Blessing\”. Postponing her activity of collecting pearls, she started to narrate the story to keep story lovers of \”Thank You\” hooked to the latest posts on the blog.
  Poorni and vinodth were spending their early days of marriage. The newlywed couple lived in Bangalore. They had their big day celebrated like a festival were their friends and family were busy making memories and spreading happiness all around just a few months ago.

  Vinodth was all set to leave abroad on an official visit in a week\’s time. This made poorni unhappy but she would smartly cover up everything with her beautiful smile. Vinodth was such a nice life partner that any girl would ever ask for. He made it a point to appreciate her efforts be it big or small.
  He always respected her and considered that her happiness is his responsibility and always stood by her side whenever she needed him the most. The only thing about him was that he was more of a real person and not very expressive or romantic.
 It was poorni\’s birthday, and Vinodth reached home after a long day\’s work at the office.
  Poorni was seen painting a glass vase and wrapped the neck portion of the vase with a pink satin ribbon which she decorated with silver beads completing her artwork. 

Then she served vinodth a homemade Cappuccino which he drank to refresh himself.
  After some time they reached the living room where vinodth handed over a single rose to her and said: \”I love you \”. Poorni  placed the rose in the vase that she just completed  and said: \”Now it is my part to protect the love and give it back to you manifold.\”
   He again took out a rose plant from his go-green jute bag and gave it to poorni with an even more beautiful message\”My love for you is not temporary like the rose but is enduring and everlasting like the strong roots of this rose plant.\”. poorni planted the rose plant and watered it. The very moment poorni was unable to control her tears of happiness as Vinodth\’s message of eternal love made her tell a silent prayer to thank God for sending vinodth to be the best blessing of her life.
  Vinodth wiped the tears that reached her cheeks and kissed her on her forehead and said thank you for coming into my life as a blessing and making it more lively and beautiful. As she completed her story Shelly resumed her activity of collecting pearls.

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