Create Optimism Create Happiness

The optimist is the one who is able to have a positive outlook towards the future happenings irrespective of the present situation.
  Hope, on the other hand, serves as a tool for a person to see the positive aspect in the most difficult situation of life. Hope is something that does not allow a person to give up.
  In short, it is finding a ray of light in spite of complete darkness. To be an optimist one should never lose hope on one\’s self because it is quality of prime importance when it comes to creating a positive self-image filled with hope and Optimism.
  The way you see yourself goes a long way in creating a positive self. The way you think, that is nothing but what you talk to yourself in the deeper sense has a great influence on your life.
    When you feed your mind with words of optimism, It results in a positive pattern of thinking that gradually helps in being the best version of yourself. Most importantly accept your flaws and always compete with yourself.
  Be a  better person than what you were yesterday. Focus towards being efficient and persistent when it comes to achieving your goals. Get out of your comfort zone and work hard to be a successful person. 
\”Never give a thought to give up\” when you feel that there is a shortage of self-confidence revisit your past successes on your mind this helps you regain the positivity lost. 
    If you are an optimist however hard the circumstances are your goals are reached because the power of optimism within does not allow you to rest until you reach the finishing point. Apart from this, there is a very effective technique suggested by authors of some best selling self-help books across the globe it is to visualize your success image and revisit it often until it is transformed into a reality. 
   This helps in creating happiness that keeps the energy of people high throughout the journey of life and also helps them to embrace the optimistic self. 
    There is a very simple technique that I follow and would also like to suggest it to my readers. You can fill up the walls of your drawing room with beautiful posters that contain quotes of optimism and hope. I know this sounds simple but will surely serve as the most effective personal coach who will help you create and maintain your positive self-image. 
   This will help you to be the creator of your happiness because your optimistic self-image will make you a happy person naturally.
Shelly the mermaid story-teller in my blog is admiring her beauty by looking at the reflection of her face on the surface of water sitting on her favorite rock. however, her passion for storytelling intruded her and insisted her to share a story of a successful Entrepreneur.
Vishva a teenager was laughed at by his friends at school when he was unable to give a presentation because of his stage fear. This particular incident affected his self-confidence and made him unhappy. But soon he regained his confidence by reading self-help books in which he became aware of ways to overcome stage fear from which he learned that creating a positive self-image would help him overcome the obstacles like stage fear and become a confident person. 
 He filled  the walls of his bedroom with posters containing quotes of famous self help authors which boosted his confidence level.
 He read the posters often and repeated it like positive affirmation to himself. He also practiced his presentations in front of the mirror which helped him greatly.
 He also practiced the visualization technique where he imagined himself giving successful presentation everyday before going to bed.
   He followed this for many years and now he is a successful entrepreneur who very often gives successful presentations as a part of his job. You can create your happiness and success  when you create a positive self image. 

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