Driven by Desire of the Divine

It is true that every person in the universe is driven by desire. we have our dreams and aspirations which we strive to achieve because we need a force that keeps us on track throughout the journey of life.
     Health, wealth and happiness are three common desires of human beings they take every step to fulfill these desires. The ultimate aim of life is growth and improvement. We have our plans, we follow a series of steps, we take action in the right direction, we put persistent effort to be successful in spite of it sometimes we fail.
    We are human and we tend to make mistakes.  Once we fail we tend to learn from our mistakes and make a progress. Sometimes because of a certain difficult situation, things do not happen the way it should. This makes human beings unhappy and the amount  of hope and optimism that they have diminishes eventually.
    The divine power is present in every creation and each and every creation of God is guided by it. During the hard times of life, unpleasant events happen and we tend to reach an unknown destination that we never imagined before that we would reach.
    This becomes the reason of unhappiness at that point of time, and leads to pain and one of the common magic word in all my posts \”hope\” only comes for the rescue, as we are normal people and we are usually unaware of God\’s plan. It demands immense strength to overcome the hardships that comes in the path that takes us close to our desire.
    This strength is provided by hope and anything can be the cause of hope like in O Henry\’s Last Leaf. The painting of the last leaf serves as a cause of hope that saves a girl\’s life. God\’s plans and desire for his children may be different but it really helps them to live a happy and fulfilled life because God knows better what his children wants. It is a  prominent truth that we are all driven by the desire of the divine.

Shelly always knew the fact that we are driven by the desire of the divine so she always had a strong faith in prayer and in the path of God. God\’s ways are different and the journey takes a little longer but the destination set by our creator is always delightful.
   Hope,courage and confidence must always be one\’s companion throughout the journey of life. Trust in God can always guide you towards a happy and contented life. Shelly joint her hands and bowed her her head and did a silent morning prayer and  then she came back and sat on her favorite rock to narrate the story of an ambitious young boy.

Ajay after completing his under graduation was very certain about his higher studies. He decided not to sit for placements during his final year at the university. when inquired for the reason behind it he said \”I don\’t want to block the job of a deserving person who needs it very much to make a living and fulfill his family responsibilities and I am more determined to pursue my higher studies\”. After two years as he completed his post graduation he attended a couple of interviews  and things didn\’t turn out well. The third one was with his dream company and he prayed for a longer duration before leaving home on a particular day. In spite  of  all his efforts who couldn\’t make it for the job that day. This made him unhappy and had an negative influence on his confidence level, but he never lost hope. After a week\’s time, his profile was reviewed  and he got the call for the same job. He was extremely happy and his gratitude towards God had no bounds.


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