"Envision The Invisible" in the world of magic

We all at some point of time would love to go back to our childhood days at least in our thoughts and memories, only because life was simple at that time.

   Everything was real and vivid, we spoke our heart out without a second thought. We never needed approval and acknowledgement, people never judged us.

 And we never needed to control our emotions be it a laughter or a cry. There was nothing to regret about nor there was fear of failure.

   Every element of nature from the rising sun to the dew drops that rested on the rose looked beautiful, the woods and the green patch of grass, the song of the cuckoo bird and the unstoppable sea waves all gave evidence about the creativity of our Creator.

    As we grew up it is not that the beauty of nature changed but as grown ups we dint find time to appreciate nature and belong to it and that lead to stressful and gloomy life of people. Its curiosity and creativity that give children the gift of happiness.

   Its true that the important things in life must be perceived not with the eyes but with the heart.\”The essential is invisible to the eye\” but can be imagined and felt by the heart.

    There are three prime qualities to feel like a child at heart they are pureness, simplicity and love.

The orchid in one\’s own garden is special because it is watered and taken care of by the person who planted it. This establishes a connection between both. when the orchid shows up her beautiful face in the sun and the owner feels happy about it, he feels like as though its smiling at him as a sign of gratitude. It kind of gives proof about the invisible bond of love that prevails in between the two.

Simplicity, curiosity, creativity and honesty are the four petals of the flower innocence that is envisioned to be present in the heart of every child.

   This kind of selfless eternal love without ego should be envisioned beautifully and colorfully in every human being\’s heart so that they value love as a emotion that signifies loyalty and eternal bliss making lives beautiful.

   The power to envision the invisible inner beauty of the heart is what makes human beings feel the presence of god in them, thus making heaven on earth come true.

  Shelly is found playing with kids, as she believed having a childlike heart loaded with curiosity, creativity and innocence will not only keep her beautiful and young forever  but also help her to be the most beautiful mermaid in the under water world.

   Shelly is ready to take us to the world of  friction where we will travel to a new place where the rose garden is filled with rainbow colored roses and stars were at a distance where children would  reach and paint them with any colour of their choice and fresh fruits hung all over the trees that stood strong.
   Air that blew had the scent of the roses, near to the rainbow rose garden there was  a chocolate lake from where children would never like to come out from. Somehow they managed to come out only to enjoy the ice cream rain that followed. Once  a beautiful little girl with glittering blue eyes came into this world of magic and she sat there in silence gazing at the rose garden.

    A  fairy appeared in front of the little child and asked her the reason behind her silence. The little girl said my parents are not together anymore they got separated. The fairy said \”do not worry sweet heart you will be happy soon\” the child questioned out of curiosity \”how is that i will get my happy family back\”?  The fairy dint answer,  but she handed over a small magic book to the child.

   This book had only three pages. page 1 read \”Accept each other\” page 2 read \”Forgive each other\” page 3 read \”love each other\” and the book fairy told that as your parents read this magic book things would change the very moment and you will become a happy family once again.
   The little girl thanked the fairy for the book and rushed back home and gave it to her parents and asked them to read and things happened the same way as told by the book fairy and the little girl and her happy family stayed together forever. As Shelly completed her story she went to playing mode once again.

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