Food for the soul

Food for the soul

Some foods can penetrate the soul and make it happy, they are simple and the best thing is that they are free and available to everyone. Here are some soul foods to check out and include in your diet.
Forgive yourself: Somehow as human beings we forgive others at some point in time. We forget the bad things others do for us. But we find it difficult to forgive ourself and we cannot accept that we too make mistakes and we are human. Guilt does have a disastrous effect on our inner self. This leads to stress and depression. \”First learn to forgive yourself\” and do good to your soul.

Gratitude: unless you have a habit to thank God for what you have. Nothing else can make you feel happy for the blessings in your life.

Smile often & laugh a lot: Smile is a natural antidepressant and it\’s a curve that can set
all things right. Don\’t forget to smile as it\’s the best gift you can give others and yourself at times. It has the power to make you feel better instantly. Laugh aloud like a child it is proven to improve the physical and mental health of individuals to a great extent.

Appreciate and encourage: Words of appreciation like thank you and you have done a great job can really act as a catalyst for people to be happy and show great interest in whatever they do. Words of encouragement like things will be ok, you can do it and keep up the good work will serve as energy boosters for the soul.

Joy and mindfulness: Find reasons to celebrate and love yourself for every achievement of yours be it big or small. Mindfulness is fully living in the present and living the now moment to the fullest. This catalyst improves peace and helps to live in harmony.

Shelly is sitting on the rock and watching the beauty of the waves in the moonlight. She shares the story of a girl Monica who is unable to be happy in spite of having everything in her life. Something from inside kept on eating her up. She was not able to be happy. Past regrets and failures became a reason for her non-stop worry routine. She was affected by depression. Doctor\’s only advice was to get back to her passion and be joyful. She was suggested the laughing exercise that really helped her. Antidepressants worked well and she was able to recover soon. When asked in person she said not to control or hide emotions because venting out the worry and stress can really heal both soul and body. She also said to smile often and celebrate achievements in life making them a reason to be joyful and happy in life.

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