As human being beings we all are born with some very unique giftSome dormant talent that we are unaware of at times in life. \”Our unique talents are extraordinarily unique gifts from God.\” It differs from person to person making every one unique and special in this world.

 \”What you do with that talent is your return gift to God.\”  As you read this, start thinking about that one idea, that one talent which you have put aside because you believed that it would not work for you. 
 Go for it, think over it, work on it  and always remember \”it is still not too late\” Be it anything which you love to do painting, drawing, singing, writing, creating …or whatever you are up to because  no one in this world knows what God has planned for you, that one thing might turn to be the reason behind you becoming the superstar of tomorrow in your respective field of interest. Be it Edison\’s creation of light bulb or Bill Gate\’s Microsoft company or Leonardo da Vinci\’s paintings be it anything great It all started with one idea over which they sharpened their talents or their attitude of sharpening their talents gave them the path to discover the best in them. 
\”Never put any of your gifts unwrapped.\” It would be best if the things that you create out of your talent not only be helpful and useful to you but to all the people around you than I am sure God will happily accept your return gift and he would be proud of his creation. 
 \”Use your life to unleash your potential and sharpen your talents than soon success will reward you\” 

 Shelly our passionate storyteller who is dancing with the dolphins in the sea has decided to take a break and narrate the story of Pratyusha a confident young girl who is a techie by profession.
   Pratyusha did well in her studies and she also got a well-paying job at the start of her career. After two years she realized that her job was monotonous and that was not her place. she quit her job and joined an NGO where she works as a teacher to primary school children.      
   When she met one of her friends last week she said \”I am a lot more happy teaching as I enjoy being around kids  \”they teach me more than I teach them\” and the most interesting thing is that every new day meant a new and interesting lesson and these children are a gift of everyday inspiration and now I experience the fulfillment and joy of giving back and I really hope God is happy about me\” as she completed the conversation she gave a hug to her friend with a wide smile on her face. 
  Shelly continued her dance party as she completed the inspiring story of Pratyusha.

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  1. It is a beautiful post. I don't know if Bill Gates, or Edido believed in God. May be they did. But for anyone being successful in life, or making it big based on an idea they most likely had a flash and a sense of conviction that things will work out.


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