The H 2 O for happier and healthier existence

Being happy and staying at the pink of our health are two important goals of human existence. Good health and happiness has an immensely positive and great effect on one\’s personality and well being. Happiness makes our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger and our lives longer. It also goes a long way enhancing the mental health of individuals.

One who is happy has really fewer chances of becoming unhealthy because the body functions a way better when the heart is filled with positive feelings and emotions like love, happiness, hope, joy, and optimism.

Happiness prevents heart diseases and helps combat stress so always include another H – Humor in your conversations before bedtime this has proven to be helpful to lead healthier and happier lives. A diet filled with fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and nuts will do good to the body. Always see to it that you drink the right amount of water every day as it flushes out toxins out of your body. 
O-that links the two H 
Optimism- (A strong feeling that good things will happen) promotes enthusiasm and engagement in whatever you do. An Optimist\’s brain tends to filter out the negativity that helps retain a positive outlook. Optimism boosts your immune system so you are better able to fight off any illness that comes your way. 
Being able to cope up when life got tough without losing hope is another quality we should learn to cultivate in order to lead a better life. You have to believe that you can overcome the challenges that pop up in life. If you think  I am an optimist and I am capable nothing in this world can stop you. \”You are what you think\” 
optimists are better at making social connections and it makes them feel less lonely and adds meaning to their lives. Include another H- Helping others and expecting nothing in return makes one feel good and happy about one\’s self as well as adds purpose to one\’s life and happiness is guaranteed. 
Have a growth mindset you can always develop new skills and habits and the enhancement in productivity can give you happiness.
When developing a new habit or fitness routine aways do positive self-talk for five minutes every day. 
practice simple meditation three days a week relax and sleep well this keeps stress hormone cortisol at a low level.

Some ways to strengthen the H2O bond/ways to become an optimist and enjoy a healthy and happy life 

1. Looking at nature activates the parts of the brain linked to optimism. A brisk walk in the park will work wonders and keep body and mind healthy.
2. Setting goals and achieving them at both professional and personal life enhances positivity and optimism. Make short and long term goals and make daily efforts to achieve them.
3. Visualize the best possible self and revisit it often in your mind.
4. Note down what you accomplished at the end of the day and appreciate yourself for it.
5. Find good qualities in people you don\’t like and learn it from them.
6. List down three areas of interest that fascinate you and keep exploring more about them that keeps you growth mindset at peak.
7. When you feel that your optimism is reducing phone a friend who can pat you at your back, and bring you back with a lot more positivity and optimism.

Shelly is just enjoying the beauty of nature sitting on her favorite rock. And her eyes got sight of a beautiful flower that moved in rhythm with the wind that blew. It gave her an optimistic outlook in spite of the fact that it is going to live in glory just for one day. As she had a few things running in her mind she thought of sharing a story of an optimistic and strong-willed man.

Yuvaraj once met with an accident and he was put to bed rest for a month because of his multiple fractures. life was difficult and the pain was inevitable and every day was a challenge. Doctors said he would take about six months to recover. Every day his wife would come and sit beside him and say you will recover soon don\’t lose hope. I am doing a silent prayer in my heart every minute for you. She would say all this controlling her tears with a heavy heart. Yuvaraj was really strong and after three months of physiotherapy and exercises, he recovered.  Doctors were surprised about the speedy recovery. It was my wife\’s belief and prayer that gave me the will power to overcome the most difficult phase of life he said, that inspired all the people around him. As she completed her story Shelly returned to her own world of dreams.

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