Journal Of Inspiration

There is some kind of inspiration that dwells in every creation of God. Nature as a whole is an inevitable and indispensable source of inspiration. A  baby\’s smile, A mother\’s kiss, A father\’s hug, A brother\’s wish and sometimes a silent prayer of a kind heart can inspire us to do great things. Except for some common things like hope, optimism, positivity, hard work and will power the things that inspire one person does not necessarily inspire others. Perception towards the source of inspiration differs from one person to another. For some the beauty of the rain can be an inspiration, some can get inspired by the brightness of the sun.
let\’s see how people become the source of inspiration, the inspirational people are called winners generally because they just don\’t give a thought to give up until the goal is reached. Some of them inspired people with their creativity, some inspired  people by persistent hard work and also giving their one hundred  percent in whatever they do, some inspired people by not losing enthusiasm even after failing many times, Some blessed people inspired others by giving love, some inspired people by only focussing on  the positive side of life, some inspired people by their achievements and some inspired people by having an unshakable trust on the idea that they believed will work well even if it was a new one . To inspire a fellow human being is one of the best gifts one can give to another. If you can help and encourage many people to achieve their dreams and help them come out with flying colors there is no doubt about the fact that you are a truly blessed soul.  
I am presenting a few sections of my journal of inspiration to my readers where I will jot down a list of inspirational people and the very special reason behind why they inspired me. I hope it would inspire all my readers as it inspired me.
1. Mahatma Gandhi: The father of our nation inspires many people in many ways. \”If you completely believe in an idea that it can change the world the strength of your belief will eventually make it a reality\”. The kind of belief he had on the idea of non-violence and the victory he got through it, the independence of our nation through the weapon of non-violence inspired me like every other Indian. 
2. Thomas Alva Edison: The man who literally lit up our lives said: \”I have not failed I have just found 10000 ways that don\’t work\”. His positive perspective about failure inspired me.
3.A.P.J Abdul Kalam: The missile man of India who inspired a huge number of people around the world when asked which among your inventions according to you is great said It was a bliss to see children smile after wearing the lightweight prosthesis on their legs that he and his team designed for disabled children using rocket science and he cherished it more than launching rockets. This kind of heart and humanity inspired me.
4. Nic Vijuvic: Born with a tetra-amelia syndrome where there is an absence of all the four limbs gave up the hope in life when he was just ten years old. He read an article about a man who succeeded in life in spite of his disability. This changed his life he started focussing on what he had and not what he lacked and now he a successful author, motivational speaker, and a living inspiration to millions of people. His optimism and positive outlook towards life inspired me.
5. J.K Rowling the famous author of the harry potter series lived in poverty got divorced at a young age and was diagnosed with clinical depression. She won all the difficulties in life with her creativity and persistence when twelve publishers rejected her work she did not give up and today her success is celebrated by the world.
6. Charlie Chaplin: In his childhood, he was laughed at by his friends for his skinny appearance and when he entered the world of silent comedy he turned his weakness as perceived by others into strength and even a blessing with which he was able to give people the natural medicine also known as laughter.
7. Mother Teresa: She always believed that love is a basic necessity for human existence. She also lived as proof of her belief through her selfless service to humanity. 
8. Indra Nooyi: Her inspirational speech where she asks us to be a lifelong student, whatever you do throw your head, heart, and hands into it, whatever you do consider it as your passion and calling, help others rise higher in life, be consistent and have integrity. I think and consider this advice to be the best.
9. Kalpana Chawla: when I was in school we had a lesson about her and she inspired all of us to think beyond the horizon and reach the stars.
10. Abraham Lincoln  He said \”in the end, it is not the years in your life that count. Its the life in your years.\” where he says it is not the number of years you live but what you do in those years is what really matters. 
11. Shakespeare: He is an inspiration of writers worldwide his perception about love is what makes me believe love is eternal and it is the reason for the world to exist.
12.Steve Jobs: \”Don\’t let the noise of others \’ drown out your inner voice. The strength of your inner voice must never be disturbed by any external force and the innovation leader has inspired techies all around the world. 
1. Here are some steps to make your own Journal of inspiration 
1. Choose a journal of your choice it can be a diary or a scrapbook with blank pages, or a sketch pad or drawing book or it can be an electronic dairy also.
2. Choose a writing utensil you can use markers, sketch pens or glitter pens
3. Get creative: put all your creativity together, you can take print outs of pictures and stick to make it more attractive, you can do some painting or artwork on the cover page.
4. Make journal sections like goals, dreams, hopes, things that inspire you, stories of inspiration, quotes, and personal achievements 
2. Filling up your journal
1. If you have a quotes section get best quotes of inspiration from the net and write it down. You can also derive inspiration from songs you enjoy and the books you love to read, keep your journal beside you so that you can write your dreams and aspirations and revisit them every morning.
2. Decide a convenient time for writing and it differs from person to person and you can use it to measure your progress. 
3. Bring your journal with you so that you can jot down thoughts of inspiration throughout the day and you can also take it to events and seminars and use it as a note pad to note down the key points.
4. write short stories about your achievements and also write down how you felt when you reached your goals  
 3. Reread your journal 
1. Reflect on the progress you made over time and appreciate yourself for it 
2. Use your journal as a source of inspiration whenever your feeling down or when you need some encouragement.

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