Keep Going

If you know that you can do it and you are in the right path in any pursuit of your life keep going and close your ears when people discourage you, sometimes they do it because that\’s the only thing they are capable of. It is very easy to bring someone down, it really needs a lot of effort and courage to help people rise up higher in life. Always remember hope can lead you during the toughest times of life. I have an acronym for the magic word where H stands for having, O stands for optimistic, P stands for persistent and E stands for energy towards all your journeys of life.

   Even great people at times need the dose of courage to overcome personal pitfalls in life,  interestingly we human beings have the tendency to give up where we are not supposed to do so and it is very true that we stop digging the well when the water is almost at our reach what makes us do this is our self-doubt or the uncertainty that we have in ourselves that makes our inner voice weak and eventually becomes the reason for regret.

  According to me, there is nothing to regret because of the reason that our mistakes and hard times in life leave us with valuable lessons that make us a better person. Its rightly said the real strength of a person is fully revealed during the most painful situations of life. It is true there is no gain without pain and there is some goodness in every unfavorable situation and you can find it yourself when you observe it keenly.  Keep moving forward it is very important because \”who stops in the way will lose the game\”.

Continue your journey even if it is that you have to face the thorns of life because there is no glory in life if it was always easy. It is that you can not ignore the rose for its thorns and life is ultimately what you make it. Be Tough when it comes to giving up because of the reason that tough times never last but tough people do. Keep the desire of moving on burning like a fire inside you until the destination is reached. When God sees you hanging on persistently without losing hope sooner or later he blesses you with whatever you asked for and even more and that is why people say have patience but do not stop and keep going for God leads us throughout our lives and miracles can happen any moment.

Shelly who is chatting with her friend shares a story to spice up the conversation and she says it loudly so that it reaches the story-loving audience of Thank You as well. The story is about Asif who did two professions at the same time. He was a busy doctor in the mornings and in the evenings he was an entertaining radio jockey.
    It was quite difficult for him to strike a balance between both but somehow he managed it well. when asked how he does it he said: \”I take up a job only if  I can give my hundred percent to it\”. There were many difficult situations where continuing his job was difficult but he kept moving forward in spite of ups and downs in life and his show got the best show award and now he is not only looked up as a doctor who heals but also an RJ who can ease  everyone\’s tension with his soothing voice and also by playing a  brilliant choice of songs on his evening show. As she completed her story shelly went to take a dive into the sea with her mermaid friend.

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