Live To Learn

Live to learn as life itself is a learning experience. If you have the willingness to learn you can learn from everything and everyone around you. There is something in everything that you are unaware of so to learn and keep growing, you must have a never-ending thirst to learn what you don\’t know. world\’s most creative people learn and drive inspiration from nature.
Thanks to the human heart by which we live 
Thanks to its tenderness, its joys, and fears,
To me, the meanest flower that blows can give 
Thoughts  that often lie too deep for tears
From a flower, you can learn how you can spread happiness be it even if it is for a short while, you can make someone look beautiful and happy. If someone is happy and you are the reason behind it you can be proud. Even a person you don\’t like will have some good thing that you can learn from them. 
It is unshakable truth that there is no perfect human being but there is something perfect about everyone. learning is continuous and it happens naturally to people who are open to learning from every situation of their life. 
Some experiences are good and some are not, and your bad experiences are your best teachers, Success teaches you how to repeat it but failure teaches you how to try once again. Words of encouragement serve as an energy booster at that point in time. But words of insult become a fuel to achieve great things if perceived with a positive attitude. 
There is joy in learning and it is an inevitable truth that if you learn to be a life long learner than surely you will be able to live life to the fullest because it helps you to be as creative as a kid irrespective of your age. 
From a mom, you can learn selfless love and from a dad, you can learn how to take responsibility. you can learn different qualities from different people. You got to learn not to be known for knowledge but to live a life you will really feel happy about when you sit back and recall it.
Knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility. learning keeps the curiosity alive and relieves boredom and monotony of life always keep learning because it can serve numerous purposes in life making it better with each day that follows. Always have a growth mindset and keep the optimist in you alive. 
Learning to be positive in a negative situation is the true essence of learning. Make a list of things you don\’t know and make it a point you learn one new thing every day so that every day becomes an interesting page in your book of life.
shelly is reading a book to find new stories to narrate to the Thank You readers and she is really happy because she found an interesting story. Today even her little friend, the fish is eager to hear her so she is even more joyful. 
The story is about a famous leader. He was hospitalized because of a deadly disease. He was reading a book and was about to complete it. A  few pages were left, however, he has to go for surgery the same day and his chance of survival was really less. He asked the doctor to postpone the surgery for the next day. When the doctor asked the reason he said: \”If I die, I will not be able to complete the book and I don\’t want to take a chance\” The doctor was overwhelmed by the leader\’s urge to learn and obliged to the request. As shelly completed her story she continued her pursuit of knowledge. 

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