Magic of Memories

Memories are like a box of chocolates and it makes you happy whenever you open it,  the one thing about memories is that you don\’t live in them. You can revisit your memories an n number of times and n stands for infinity. When you think one good memory a cluster of memories make a  rush on your mind.

  Memories smoothen your mind and give you energy whenever you feel down. Memories become your company when you are alone. Good memories heal your soul. Sometimes memories give mixed feelings they can make you happy and sad at the same time. Except for the fact that you rarely get to relive them, we all have childhood memories we relish like a refreshing drink. If you ask anyone they would fondly share their happy memories because who in the world does not want to feel happy. I am sure everyone waits for a chance to feel happy. If you ask people about their happy memories you will get to know how much people love sharing their memories and feeling happy about them.

    Someone would say about their favorite teacher, someone would talk about their favorite snack in the school canteen, someone would share the fun they had during their school trip with their friends and the list is endless. Another interesting thing about memories is that each one has a different and unique set of it. No two memories are alike.

   Ask your grandmom about the memory of her good old days, you can have a whole new experience because life at those days was simple yet beautiful in its own way. I have one beautiful memory that my Grandmom shared. She said she used to go to the river with her friends to take her daily bath and if she has to wash her hair, she used to jump with joy because she can take many dips into the river and spend an hour to play and enjoy with her friends and they also enjoyed fishing, they used to use their dupatta as their fishing net. A pleasant hair wash and a hot steaming fish curry for lunch along with the whole family used to make her very happy and even today she says those were the happiest days of her life that she has ever lived.

  Such is the magic of memories and no one is an exception to it. Abdul Kalam the great scientist, teacher and one of the best former presidents of our nation said it is okay to bunk a class sometimes because when I look back I don\’t remember marks and grades but the happy days spent with my friends are vivid in my memory.

  As human beings, we all love to look back and walk down the memory lane, it is always a very pleasant experience. Sometimes it\’s completely okay to look back even your unpleasant memories but see to it that they don\’t break you, look back how strongly you stood in that situation and it will help you build your confidence and give you even more strength to face life with all its twists and turns.  Feel free to walk down the memory lane because it\’s a gift to mankind and only human beings can experience the joy of sharing their happy memories with their loved ones.

    Shelly is back with her passion and she is ready to make the Thank You readers go awe with a story of a teenager Mini. When Mini was just a year old she had her mamu who loved her so much as a child. Mini\’s mamu used to make different makeovers for mini. Someday he would make her look like Krishna and click pictures, someday he would make her look like Aandal and click pictures. One day he bought her five pairs of tiny plastic bangles one of each color pink, blue, green, red and yellow and an orange-pink gown with a beautiful frill. He bought all this with the pocket money he saved while studying in the hostel.

   He was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a whole year of medication and treatment in spite of being ill he attended his loving niece Mini\’s 2nd birthday celebrations. However, he was not able to survive for a long time. Poor Mini was so small and could hardly remember her mamu but whenever she saw the bangles, the frill gown and the old pictures where she was dressed up as an angel she could not control her tears.

  As she recalled everything from her old diary that she wrote as her mom shared the memories of her loving brother. However, her mom noticed her tears, and consoled her with loving words. she said, your mamu must be here with you, it is only that we cannot see him and he would not be happy to see his mini cry. Mini wiped her tears and said I love you so much mamu and I wish I could see you in my dream someday. As Shelly completed her story she went to collect pebbles, a hobby that she enjoyed next to storytelling.

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