Only Friendship Can Make Life Better

 The bond that connects beyond all the differences and makes the world look small, makes destiny true that good people always meet. Friendship is one of the most beautiful part of one\’s life and it is one golden truth that holds good since ages. 
    The saddest part of life is that sometimes we may not be sure whether we will be able to meet our friends again in the future. I say this because with time, life keeps changing and you can never blame anyone for this because we all are ruled by time and as human beings, we have to abide by it. 

     Lucky are the ones who are able to keep in touch with their friends even while being busy with their own lives, but friends are those who really care for us without expectations. I personally feel that this is the only bond which does not demand the give and take formality that all the other relationships in the world follow.

       A person\’s character is always known by the kind of friends he\\she has. Friends – This word is a treasure when you keep it. It is the first thing you choose without the help of the people who introduced you to this wonderful world.

      I think everyone will accept this when you are stressed, you go share it with your friend first. I don\’t mean that you should have a gang of friends around you always. But I want to say you will have some few friends with whom you really are comfortable with, don\’t lose this type of people because they are really rare. They have the capability to lend their shoulder in the time of need.

      Real friends can become a reservoir of energy, a pillar of strength when no one is ready to lend their support and encouragement. They go the extra mile to help you, they give you hope and make you laugh when you are even unable to smile. Sometimes they prevent you from becoming the pessimist. They trust you with your inner potential and remind you who you are when you feel weak about yourself.

   Sometimes they can give you the right advice and guide you towards the right path because they completely know you and they accept you with your flaws. When God souffle\’s your card of life friends help to rearrange them so that you can become the winner.  Always be thankful for such friends who persuade you to be an optimist despite the difficulties that life throws on you. You accept or not you are really blessed if you have a friend who spends his\\her valuable time for you. Always be a blessing in such a friend\’s life.


   If you follow this people will love to befriend you as everyone needs a friend who will become their strength at the time of need.

     Shelly our storyteller is here to share the story of two true friends. Aarush and Aditya were really good friends and they met each other in the college where both did under graduation course. Aditya was from a village so he had the difficulty when it comes to communicating in English. He was technically very strong in his field of interest.
    Aarush, on the other hand, was from the city and had good command over English. In the final year during the time of placements, Aditya could not excel because he lacked communication skills. Aarush got placed in a good company as soon as he appeared for placement.  He wanted to help his friend Aditya so he organized an English speaking course for free to all his friends who did their schooling in their regional language.

    After college hours, a group of friends stayed back and did the English speaking course which lasted for about a month. After the course, an MNC came for campus recruitment and Aditya and his friends who got benefited from Aarush\’s course got placed. They all thanked Aarush wholeheartedly for his help that made them realize their dream of getting placed in a good company.

    I have always admired Shakespeare for the way he creates his characters, the great orator and one loyal friend of Julius Ceasar at his funeral speech moved the mob against his conspirators with his skill of oration. This proves Mark Antony\’s love for his friend Ceasar.

     A friend is the one who can go against the world for you so that you can get justice even from the most selfish people. He proves the saying true that a friend in need is a friend indeed.


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