Quick Reminder For Better Solutions

   Be it any problem in our life. we all read a number of books, listen to a lot of videos, seek help from different people, spent some time on discussion still we find it very difficult to find solutions to our day to day problems both in our personal and professional life. It is true that only you can find the best solution for your problems as you tend to know them better than anyone else because you are the one living through it. 
        The fear of going wrong that is the fear of failure sometimes does not allow us to keep even a small step forward. Ambiguous thoughts about the problem form a clutter in the mind and do not allow us to think. It is normal that when we are emotional we can rarely take the right decisions in life. That is why it is said that do not speak when you are angry as you would end up speaking the words for which you would regret later. 

       Analyze your problem with a calm and serene mind. Go to a place where you are accompanied by splendid healer nature. Question yourself what is the worst outcome you can expect in case if things go wrong. Write down in a paper and accept it completely as most of the time mind creates fear of the unknown make it known to your mind so that you can get rid of the fear of the unknown eventually.
    If you are prepared for the worst then you can face anything that comes your way. This really helps improve confidence and inner strength. Take steps to improve on the worst. Think about ways you can improve upon take one problem at a time and understand the root cause of it. Try to eliminate it at a deeper level so that it does not repeat itself.
       Look at ways you tackled a similar problem in the past learn from it maybe it can help. Another big reason behind the fact that we are unable to solve the problem is that we are taken over by the human tendency of constantly worrying about the problem. 

      Worrying cannot improve anything it simply destroys the peace of mind and health of the person who constantly does it. Constant worry routine shatters the optimist in you. One tends to lose hope,  positivity keeps on reducing and if this worry cycle continues we can never solve the problem of prime importance but it will lead to a whole lot of new health-related problems  like  increased blood sugar level, high blood pressure, stress, and depression.  
          Stop worrying and think to implement ways that can really solve the problem in the best way possible. learn to relax and always remember nothing is more important than your health. All the other things can be corrected with time but health is the basic investment you make so always take proper care of it. 

    There is a famous saying which goes this way. Only if there is a wall you can paint it with your creativity your health is one such important base with which you tend to build your life. Find yourself and be yourself remember there is no one else on the earth like you. 
      Have a unique way of handling your problems. Face the problems with courage and never fear as God is always with you. I would not say you need to be a religious person and practice the habit of prayer every day. If you believe in prayer then it is well and good. 
        If not go to a place away from the hustle bustle of life and sit down and have a one to one conversation with the universe surrender yourself and tell your problems this reduces the burden of your heart and the universe works on finding the solution.  After your conversation with the universe practice gratitude. Thank the universe for your life and all the accessories of life and the more you feel thankful about life it will offer many more things to be thankful for and that is the power of gratitude.

Shelly is sitting inside a shell and she has come back with a new story that she is very happy to share with all of us. It is a story about Aryan who had a small problem in one of his legs because of which he was unable to walk properly. He was made fun by his friends and this made him worry. He always asked God the reason why he gave this problem to him. One fine day he went and analyzed his problem in a disturbance-free atmosphere and made a list of ways to find the solution and luckily he read an article on the net which said that his problem can be overcome by exercises and the only thing is that he had to constantly practice it. He took a print out of it and worked out every day and after one year of effort and practice, the problem in his leg got rectified.

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