Regain Your Ray Of Hope

     Hope is an emotion that is vital to human existence. Hope can make you boom with happiness the very moment you feel it. Another important thing about hope is we lose it easily. Do not worry the happy news is that you can regain it. Hope can act as a seed you sow as a starter to your goals and aspirations. Hope can also act as fuel throughout your journey of life. Sometimes it also serves as a glimpse of light in complete darkness. For a person going through pain, hope is God.

Hope is the ability to trust and believe that good thing will happen. It is a positive emotion which is built upon unyielding faith that the future will be better. Hope, faith, and love are intangible assets but can still give a positive perspective about the world around you. Hope can give you a positive mind frame that can help you achieve your dreams.
    Make life an opportunity to create happiness and goodness. Have a positive attitude towards change. Celebrate small fragments of happiness and success and hope will continue to grow within you. Focus positively towards the opportunities that lie before you and see that you foster the emotion of hope and reach great heights. 
     Never forget the fact that Hope is always a source of strength. Lack of hope can break the spirit of a person so never be hopeless always keep looking for hope and no doubt you will find it. Never stop believing in the power of hope. Hope is the magic word that gives energy to people even when things do not happen as planned. Each new day is an adventure with hope. If your hope is strong enough it can inspire others around you.
If in case you have lost the ability to think that things will get better here are some simple practical ways to regain hope and become an optimist once again and will also help boost your inner strength and make hope glow brightly within you each day.
1. Have the courage to believe that those good things will happen once again. Have trust in yourself. Take help from your support system your family and friends. Your love for your family will help you bounce back with hope. A hearty laugh of your child, A hug from your life partner can really make a difference. These small things help you focus on what is great in your life. Reciprocate the loving care and concern that gave you hope to your loved ones this will make you a happy person.
2. Do not lose faith in the belief that you can regain hope and do not hesitate to celebrate hope, faith, love and success in all your accomplishments. Start to celebrate hope and you will find it in abundance because it is true that both child and God reside in the place where they are celebrated the most. Success celebrated becomes a fountain of hope that helps to move forward in life.
3. Realize what you have, identify the positive aspect of life and you will see that there are people who dream to live a life like yours.  You will find that you have numerous things to be thankful for. Gratitude has the power to regenerate hope inside you.
4. Focus on others and be compassionate the world is full of people who need support, help, and encouragement reach out to them make an effort to make their lives better. Be a blessing in their life. This rejuvenates the positive person in you and helps re-cultivate hope.
5. As human beings, we tend to think that the problem we are undergoing is the biggest and this thought shatters hope and makes it difficult to regain hope but if we look keenly we will find that our problem is small. When we look outside in the world we can find that we are much better and this can help us regain hope instantly to make our lives better.
6. The golden mantra to regain hope is to never give up. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. If it was an unpleasant experience always try to learn from it and grow out of it.
7. Reward yourself for the difficult path you have walked through to reach your destination. This will help find your inner glow and embrace hope once again.

Shelly is found having fun with her gang. Singing and enjoying herself. However, she takes a break and sits back on her favorite rock as it triggered her passion for storytelling. she started to narrate the story of Roshini. Roshini had everything a job, a happy family, friends, and fun but she always kept complaining about life. She always thought about the things she lacked.  She eventually became a pessimist. One fine day she joined as a volunteer in a home for the disabled kids. She noticed the happiness in the face of the kids and her perspective of happiness totally changed. Another day she saw how wholeheartedly they were telling their prayer of gratitude with a wide smile on their face. This completely changed Roshini into a positive person. She stopped complaining and started loving her life which never did before. 

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