Teachers of life #children

TRUST – The magnificence of this word can never be fully conveyed for it is the beginning of friendship, love, care, concern, bonding, and togetherness and it is the fuel with which the whole world runs.
     Every parent wants their children to become a successful person in life. They want them to rise up to compete and win the world.  As I write this I happen to remember a famous dialogue \”life is a race run …run…. but  parents have the full right to wish that all good things should be possessed by their children and I agree with them completely. But the way they pose these challenges to be a successful person as a burden on their children whereby they use the worst tool called comparison this should change completely.

         By comparing two individuals the one who is weak can never improve. Instead of boosting the talent it just hinders their way to success because they feel that the people they believed without a second thought in life (parents) are not believing in their talent. Comparison kills self-confidence in children which becomes a weakness for life long.
     My humble request to my readers is that keep encouraging your children and tell them they are the best and they can reach even the sky through persistent hard work. And each and every individual God created is unique and bestowed with some type of immense talent and that is why they are blessed with life on earth. 

     I would like to say parents are people with magical powers of transforming their children into successful people whose achievements are never-ending. I would get the fulfillment of writing this if only one parent is able to understand what I want to convey and be a milestone of success to their children.  There are so many important things that your children can teach you and they teach big lessons in a simple and easy way.

    It is inevitable truth that the happiest in the world are children because they are blessed people with most valued gifts from God. They don’t know to hide anything they just speak out their heart. They don’t have an ego which above a limit is an obstacle to a successful and happy life. 

     Whatever mistake they make they apologize immediately and surrender for love. Relationships would be stronger every marriage would be made in heaven and every couple would become made for each other if people could learn this from children. 

    Children always remain a cure to sorrow and they can fill colors of happiness even in the unhappiest place with their smile. They are bestowed with positive vibes and energy that does not allow them to give up easily on anything in the world.
     It is unambiguous that every child sees the world through God’s eye and the best way to make God happy is to bring a smile on as many children\’s face as possible. I also want to convey a very important message that it does not really matter how old we grow if we can open the window of our heart and cherish the child in us then we can surely live a happy life without regrets and would always laugh wholeheartedly like a child.

 Shelly the mermaid who is the storyteller in my blog is back after two days. She is ready to narrate a story about Maanasa an 8-year-old girl who went to attend the birthday party of her friend\’s sister. After the birthday party, the birthday girl and Maanasa had a conversation. priya being the elder said Manasa find one thing you are good at and try to make it better and better until you become best at it. Maanasa thought for some time and said \”Priya didi how can I find what I am really good at if I dont keep trying new things every day. There isn\’t a joy in learning new things\”? Priya thought maybe she has to learn the curiosity to learn new things from Manasa. Priya replied my dear you have to learn new things but see to it that you find what you like the most and practice it. After Maanasa left Priya thought children are special people as they have curiosity in abundance.

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