Upgrade To A Better Version Of Yourself

     Give some time for yourself make sure you spend 15 mins each day for your well being. Make a routine of any exercise be it aerobics, yoga or anything of your choice that you enjoy and continue doing for at least four days a week. However busy you are just 15 mins of brisk exercise can keep you energetic the whole day. Music is one best way to relax that you can follow or a book you love to read will also go a long way doing this. However, self-help books are my choice because it enhances Positivity and Optimism in life you can read your favorite books as well. 

 Do something you love to do be it drawing, painting, writing, art and craft anything that you will enjoy and not get bored while doing this activity eventually becomes a passion and will help you stay the way you would like to be, that is in the best state of body and mind possible.

       Be good, laugh more and keep learning something good and new always and forever. Forgive as much as possible. The most important is to say Sorry when you should and say Thank You wherever needed as these words are the real gift to mankind. Don\’t discourage anyone if possible help them to come out of their obstacles and difficulties.

       Be compassionate to all because it is the best gift human beings can give to all the living beings that share the planet with them. Compassion can give hope, courage, and optimism to both the giver and the receiver. In India where culture, tradition, and values prevail why human beings do things which hurt other human beings be it violence against women or anything which hurts I really do not know why humanity has become a dormant quality in some human beings.

     Excuses that we make for being kind and compassionate, we need the concerned person to be related to us to show love, care, and concern. Isn\’t this the biggest ever mistake we do. Let us think,  let us change for good be it anyone let us treat them with humanity and compassion first. Always remember the pain and wounds hurt the other person the same way it does to you.

Shelly our storyteller is all set to make us feel happy with a story of  Indra and Sathya. Indra was very kind and compassionate she would go and readily help people whenever there is a need without a second thought. Sathya would always be hooked to her work and will only be concerned about her wellbeing. One day both friends were traveling together to their workplace. They, unfortunately, met with an accident. Indra escaped with some superficial wounds. But Satya got severely injured and had a lot of blood loss. She needed a bottle of blood to compensate. Doctors said they do not have the particular group of blood at their hospital that Sathya needed. Indra called up a few friends and within an hour there came a group of five people who readily donated their blood to save Sathya\’s life. As Sathya recovered she thanked Indira for her help. On that day Sathya understood the importance of being kind, compassionate, and helpful towards everyone. 

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