Vital visit to the world of Food With A Food Technology Blogger

Health is considered to be a great gift from God and it takes a lot of effort to maintain good health. It is very necessary because the body is the temple where your soul resides. Health and happiness are interrelated. Today\’s visit will be a new experience for all my readers. In specific we will get to know about food enzymes and their health benefits. Food enzymes are catalysts that speed up the biochemical reactions in the body. If biochemical reactions in the body take place properly good health is a guaranteed outcome.

Natural enzymes present in Fruits

Pineapple contains a protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain it has a powerful ability to break down proteins.

Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which aids in the digestion of protein. It is used in food industries for tenderization of meat.

Kiwi fruit contains an enzyme called actinidin that breaks down protein, gluten, and gelatin.

Apricots contain a treasure-trove of enzymes. One of the chief enzymes called invertase facilitates quick energy absorption by breaking down sucrose into glucose and fructose.

Avocado contains an enzyme called lipase that breaks down dietary fat.

Guava is also found to contain a lot of healthy enzymes if you cannot go for avocado or kiwi you can always go Indian. Guava contains oxidizing enzymes namely ascorbic acid oxidase,  polyphenol oxidase, and peroxidase. Guava fruit especially one with red flesh is found to strengthen nerves.

We will now know little more about fermentation an age-old method adopted for the production and consumption of healthy food. 
Traditional Indian fermented food curd contains a large amount of calcium and riboflavin known to prevent osteoporosis and has a lot of probiotic gut-friendly enzymes which help in good digestion. 
Idli: traditional South Indian steamed breakfast food made out of fermented rice and whole black gram flour has a lot of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help you be healthy.
Dhokla: North Indian fermented and steamed snack food made from chickpea flour.

Miso: It is a paste made from fermented soya beans that originated from Chinese cuisine it facilitates digestion because of the digestive enzymes present in it.
Raw kimchi: It is a fermented food of Korean cuisine loaded with lots of digestive enzymes.

Tempeh: Fermented cake made of soybean that substitutes meat protein.

Kefir: It resembles yogurt and made from milk and contains gut-friendly bacteria that aid in digestion.

Saurekraut:  cabbage is allowed to ferment in its own natural juice and fermented cabbage is a great choice when it comes to foods rich in enzymes. I hope new knowledge will lead to the new hope of a healthier life.

Get back to fermented foods and lead a healthy life. Want to know more about health, food technology and nutrition you can always do it go to the link

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