Xenial Power Of Positive Perception

Today the world around you has a lot to offer you! But it is only how you perceive your circumstances that make all the difference in life. And this is the reason why protecting your children from the vicious environment is not enough, explaining to them how they can make the society a better place for their friends and family is probably equal or even more important. 

 The world appears as you see it. The beauty lies in the eye glued to it. There is immense beauty in the silence that lies in between the song which adds beauty to the song, in fact, it is what makes a soul touching song even more catchy and beautiful. There is music in silence, beauty in the silver lines of the rain, life is in every soul and both soul and nature are beautiful and with life lies power. The power to be happy by very nature and that is all that is needed.


  God gives what we deserve some experiences to learn from and grow beyond them we think they are hard times, but it gives us the strength. It is the ultimate gift of life and it is the life itself in a broader perspective and that\’s God\’s way of expressing love by providing strength throughout life. Happiness is not an endorsement in the book of life but the book itself if you are thankful for your life. Gratitude makes life beautiful every moment. Life is but an empty dream said Henry Wordsworth but dreams are beautiful like filling up your favourite colors to the stars in the sky so dreams should never be empty fill them up with a good purpose you will see them become a reality. 

    Beauty is in the eye of the person who sees but I feel it is more in the heart of the person who makes an effort to say it out. Have a positive perception of the world around you because there is a lot of good things that still exist. Be a reservoir of positivity, hope, and optimism so that your children could learn from your xenial power of positive perception and become an Optimist in life naturally it is now proven that optimistic people are happier and healthier because they strongly believe that positive perception about life can make life happier and more fulfilling.  


Thanks to my little cousin Divya Janani she helped me find this image. Kids are always better when it comes to creativity.

    She wears painted shells on her ears and spends her evenings sitting on her favourite rock and looking at the mermaid the dolphin\’s dance in the sea. Sometimes, when she is in a rather melancholic mood, she sings out her favourite melodies to the sweetest and youngest daffodils. Though the mermaid enjoys singing, yet it is only the art of story-telling that is capable of stirring her heart the most. Even after being a mermaid Shelly is little different from her group, for while the other mermaids shied away from any human presence, Shelly, she loved narrating stories to them.
\”Hi friends, today, I will tell you the story of the two little girls, vivitha and smithika, who through the common bond of humanity, became the best of the best friends. Vivitha, a second grader, had been just admitted to a new school, where, even after the passage of two weeks, she had remained unsuccessful at making friends. After all, in those times, it wasn’t easy for a second grader to let go off their apprehensions and make new and interesting friends. 
    On a particular day, after quickly finishing her lunch, Vivitha ran straight for a swing in the playground. But while she ran she did not notice a huge rock stuck on her way and unfortunately, tripped over and fell on her face. At a little distance, in groups of four and five, her classmates were sitting and while nobody really cared and blatantly ignored her great fall, Smithika immediately rushed over. She helped her stand on her feet and took her to the first aid room where Vivitha was soundly treated. Soon after, the two girls got into long and winding conversations and as a matter of fact, Smithika even introduced Vivitha to her two other friends.  
       When Vivitha came back home that day she told her mom, \”Mother, I thought that in my new school no one was good enough to be friends with me and yet, today, smithika completely changed my perspective on things and people. Thanks to her, I got a good person and a bunch of new friends as well!\” to which her mother replied \”There are a lot of good people in this world, but in order to befriend them you need to be a good person as well. Remember, your small act of kindness can make a great difference in someone’s life. Exactly how your friend’s actions made in yours” 
  After that, she kissed Vivitha on her forehead and asked her to go to bed. Shelly got up from the rock and waved goodbye. She will now be heading to play sea diving, a sport she enjoyed very much.

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