Zenith Of Zestful Zeal

  There is power in laughter, there is eternal happiness in singing your heart out and dancing with the zestful zeal of energy. It would do a great deal of magic and goodness to your soul.

  All the posts which I wrote for #blogchatter #AtoZChallenge dealt with Positivity, Optimism, Hope, Happiness, belief, inner strength, will power and today being the final day of the one-month blogging challenge  I would like to address the Zenith of Zestful Zeal. As we grow up we laugh less and that too we laugh after checking if there are people around. Laughing, singing, and dancing is used to express ourselves.  Singing, dancing and laughing out louder can keep you at the peak of energy. All the three above mentioned activities can enter your soul directly and repair it and make it vibrant and better. Music plays a big role in our daily lives. It helps us communicate our stories and emotions. we use it to pray, celebrate and even to mourn. Music becomes a language that common man and God-talk with. Music is a key that opens the soul. Sometimes we tend to sing straight from the heart it may be so loud and mostly offbeat but still, we connect so much with the song that we even forget the tune. But the kind of happiness it gives is immeasurable. your favourite song that you listen to sticks to the heart so firmly that it keeps wandering in the mind throughout the day and you keep humming the tune the entire day. When we listen to some songs it takes us back to the days we once lived and the memories associated tend to provoke us emotionally. Such is the effect of music and songs from today be proud to be a loud bathroom singer. Dont take life so seriously all the 365 days sometimes It is great to ease with life. The universal truth about songs is that it has the ability to move us emotionally.

Laughter, on the other hand, is a real healing natural medicine. Laughter is a spiritual form of commuting. Without words, we can say to one another that \”I am with you. and I get it\”. Laughter connects so strongly that we rarely forget a person who made us laugh and that is the magic of laughing with each other. laughter instils Hope, Positivity, and Optimism and fosters the feeling of love and belongingness. 

 \”Laughter is a bubbly, effervescent form of holiness\” Amen – Anne Lamott. 

  Dancing is a two-way fun game. It can help you to stay fit and help you feel joyful and happy at the same time. You no need to be a trained dancer to do this you can simultaneously change your aerobic exercises into a dance pattern. I know many will not be ready to dance they generally feel not so comfortable or feel shy. One day you can just dance without any choreography you can just follow the beat of your heart and shake your leg in the way you want this will help you stay at the zenith of Zestful Zeal in your life. Always remember this mantra \”dance like no one is watching\” This will really help you stay cool, happy and you can always stay at the pink of your health.

  I the Thank You, blogger, would like to thank the blogchatter team for this opportunity and all my fellow blogger friends, family, friends, and relatives for their constant support throughout the journey of #blogchatter #AtoZchallenge. Thank you for making this a memorable one. Stay blessed and take care.

 Today being the final day Shelly comes with a special guest the barbie from the barbie world. She is come to visit Shelly the mermaid her dearest friend in the underwater world. Shelly is going to narrate the story of three fun-loving friends Pari, Shakshi, Aisha. Pari and Shakshi are carefree happy girls. Aisha is a little serious person. she was sitting in silence as she was not in a very good mood. So Pari and Shakshi came to Aisha\’s room just to cheer her up. Pari got an idea she put on loud music and both Shakshi and Pari started dancing like no one is watching. Aisha could not resist herself from joining the dance party. All three stood up on the cot and continued to dance until the felt exhausted and this changed the gloomy mood of Aisha. All three jumped with joy and this was followed by a fun game where Pari will play all the songs in her playlist which will be muted and the songs will be continuously flipped by Shakshi. Aisha will suddenly say stop and that particular song will be dedicated to her future husband. All three used to giggle and laugh when it is their turn to say stop. Aisha remembers this game even after five long years. Such is the magic of laughter and happiness. As shelly completed her story she took barbie to witness the Gemstone Dolphin after which both the friends left for the grand feast at the underwater world.

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