As a blogger, I feel responsible today. If I do not talk about this my work as a blogger will be incomplete. A special thanks to Swathi my friend who always persuaded me to talk about this in my blog. A writer who is responsible is expected to do justice in every piece of her work and in my opinion, is the one who becomes the voice of the unheard is the true blogger/writer. Sanitary workers are people to be thankful to in our lives. These people have a sad story behind each of them that is unsaid and even unheard.  Completely ignored will be a more prompt phase here. 
   Five years ago, In my college life. I  conversed with a lady cleaning the restrooms of the ladies hostel. On that day after hearing her story, the only thing that struck me was We ignore the real essence of humanity even after talking about it for hoursThe women literally had tears in her eyes. I went and enquired what bothered her.  
  A girl has dumped her sanitary napkin in the washbasin. However, I do not know why the girl did so. The lady said she found it very difficult to clean it up.\”எமா இதல்லாம் படிக்கற பிள்ளைகள் தானே ஏன் இப்படி செய்றாங்க.\”(Aren\’t these children educated why are they doing this she asked). This was much better. I had no answer for the next line she said. \”நாங்களும் மனிஷங்கதான  எவ்ளோம போருத்து போறது\” Aren\’t we human how much can we tolerate. These words pricked like a thorn. I said only one thing to her that she should go and complain to the warden at that time that was the only solution I could give her. 
I saw another sanitary worker who said that their own children were not ready to eat if they fed them. Because the nauseating smell of the disposed of garbage stays in their hands even after washing many numbers of times. This is the worst plight I had ever heard from a mother.

   I have a request to all the beautiful women out there. Please do dispose of your menstrual pads properly tied up. This small act of yours will make life much better for these sanitary workers. Never forget they are mother, father, brother, sister, spouse of another fellow human being sharing the planet with you. Think about your life without them. You will be deprived of basic health and sanitation. It is human that we adore the rose for its beauty and scent and ignore the thorns in it. But the thorns are self-defense provided by God to protect the rose.

    People who do this sanitation work are doing a service to God through their service to humanity. You can be thankful to them truly by such small yet meaningful effort that can make life much easier for them. Even a mother finds it difficult to dispose of/clean up the menstrual secretion of her daughter. They do it in case if the girl is seriously ill and cannot do it herself such is a reality. These people do it because of their higher degree of tolerance that God has bestowed them with.

   When you dispose of your sanitary napkin the next time remember a human being is going to handle it before it goes through the final disposal stage. #Humanity is the best gift ever given and received.  My post for today is dedicated to the effortless and hardworking community of #sanitary #workers #we all live a better life because of you #ThankYou #Sanitary workers.

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  1. Nice post with a great message. It is stupid for someone to drop an used pad on the sink. May be the person was from uneducated background. We all should be responsible for disposing our waste.


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