A blessing showered on me – My Mom

Today\’s post is straight from my heart no! sorry. It is my heart itself this would be the right way. In my 26 years of life, I have never taken an effort to write what my mother means to me. Whenever I thought of writing about her. I fell short of words. I used to realize that it was the ocean and I cannot limit it to the extent of my pen and paper. But not to write about my Mother and be a writer I always felt incomplete. I would try to do my best with this post and hope all my readers would feel the love and enjoy the post.
My Mom is a simple sweet and beautiful homemaker, my unconditional love, my prayer, and my blessing. She has never advised me nor thought me the life lessons but she lives as an epitome of example from where I learned to love unconditionally and to live the beautiful bonds of life to the fullest. 
She was a great maths teacher.
 I was still an average student but I knew if she gave maths classes the whole class would score well. Well, my little brother was her bright student and scored a 100% many times through out his academics. I persuaded her to be a teacher but she denied saying she was already one to us. She was always happy in making life easy, simple and beautiful for us. 
From my birth till today she has always supported me as an eternal pillar of support. when I was born I was born too small and the people around said the baby is too small to survive but she fought like a warrior to give me a life on the earth. The sleepless nights she spent to make me who I am can never be put to words. whenever I had a tough phase in my life the person who I always called for help was my Mom. But to be true she understood the need even before I spoke about it. Then the most beautiful thing I learned from her is that she fulfilled her duties like a wonder woman. she has extended her support to everyone around her and the care and concern she showers can never be matched with anything in this world. 
The way she respects every bond of life and the way she fulfills them and this way she never fails to make me spellbound with her magic wand of love. To sacrifice with happiness and to forgive even when she is hurt are the two qualities that make her a timeless beauty in my heart. Life is too short to be unkind it is not that if you forgive you are weak it is just that you value the person more than the misunderstanding that came up she said and always insisted to initiate and forgive when I fought with my friends at school. She always puts her self in another person\’s shoes and said each one has their own point of view. She always supported the right things and gave me the courage I  needed. When some said I might not be so successful she said and strongly believed that I will be successful someday. The kind of belief and hope she holds for me in her heart makes me love her even more.
I used to think she made her presence felt only in my life but I realized she did this to everyone in our family when I read the letter my brother wrote to her on her last birthday. I felt Mom you are wonderful. You have filled love in the air we breathe and that is what makes life beautiful.
 Today when I sit back and think about her I can feel a beautiful woman inside me vigorously trying to copy her and be a blessing for people in my life. Just the copy the original is always her and I am sure I can never make up to her. 
I admit one thing proudly if  I would really be a 30% of what my Mom is to us I would be a great life partner to my husband and a wonderful mother to my kids in the future. With tons of love and respect, I conclude my Mom is a blessing from heaven and nothing less than that. 
Mom, The smile on your face makes my day. I do not know when I grew up to be your friend. We laugh together on your silly jokes. When you always misunderstand the coming up clip on the tv show and ask me why are they showing it again and I have to remind you each time. Hahaha you are original and have no substitute and you nod with an innocent laugh. 
Sometimes we fight and forgive and that is the part of the game. when you came in between when I and dad spoke we used to act as if we spoke some top-secret and should never tell you. I and dad enjoy it when you get irritated about not knowing what we spoke and the reality is dad would have never said anything it was just for fun. But that will not be funny anymore because you knew it now.  I will never be able to give back the love you gave me Mom however I will try to give it back till my last breath and I promise I will never give up on that.
Forever love 
-Your daughter.
Written for #CauseAChatter / for the international day of the girl child

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  1. Excellent post with well expressed emotions. I related with it fully somewhere as a mother and somewhere as a daughter. May your bond with your mom grows stronger with each passing day to give you an infinite treasure of memories. Stay Blessed, 🙏


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