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A new role to play #bookchatter #blogchatter

 I would like to thank #blogchatter for giving me different roles to play. Trying my hand as a reviewer for this book Naked Beneath the midnight Sun is surely a sunshine opportunity in my life. I extend my gratitude to the author Kamalini Natesan for making this possible.
 Suchu the protagonist depicts the feeling of being Indian in a foreign land. Indian parents and their ways of thinking are well drawn by the author however their thoughts unite when it comes to giving wings to their daughter\’s dream.
The book turns emotional and very descriptive when Suchu pours out her heart in her letters and admires the beauty of her new destination.
She is known for her great command over the English language that makes her attractive among her multicultural class of friends.
The different people she meets from Cathrine to Sven the love of her life each character has it\’s own original beauty. Beenu who is a Soul Sister to Suchu is my personal favourite. Suchu\’s emotions like jealousy, love are well carved. She enjoys her land of snow at the same time misses the taste of masala like any Indian. This book is an exotic read as it makes you travel to Norway and experience its beauty with every page you flip. Reviewed for #bookchatter. Blogchatter\’s book review program.

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