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From stressed to sorted – A must-read

 If you want to be happy and find true satisfaction in life, that is when you look back, to find yourself with a smile that you lived life to the fullest without any regrets, you should make this self-help book your handbook. The author has given a clear picture of simple yet important things one needs to do to remove stress and be sorted. She has worked focussing on the root cause of problems and has suggested certain ways of thinking that can make you enjoy everything in life. From the wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and the rainbow as well. 
To be you, it needs a lot of courage. To handle strong and deep emotions you need to be strong and mature enough, tears can repair your soul and make you stronger. The author teaches some simple rules of life with all her artistic ways. However, she likes to call them \’happiness hacks\’ in her book. One wonderful message is that if you have to tell people a story when you meet them, let it be a happy one. Let your achievements inspire them and give them the courage to reach their dreams. The most remarkable message is that we have to appreciate people in our lives before it is too late, for it is the gift that we can give our loved ones the very moment we think of it. It can bring instant smiles on their faces and do good to their souls in no time.
Thank you! Sonam chamaria for writing this great book and allowing me to read and review it. I wish and pray for your great future in the world of writing! Keep making lives happier for as many people as you can. As a fan, I am eagerly waiting to read your next book. #ThankYou! #blogchatter #bookchatter I consider myself lucky for having read and reviewed this book. It is also an ideal gift for your loved ones.

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