Friends forever by God\’s wish

  When my mind was doing its homework on what I should write? I thought it was easy to write about what keeps my rhythm of life undisturbed, unambiguously consistent, and happy. I have heard people talk a lot about friendship, but I can say if I haven\’t met her, friendship would have merely been a word to me and nothing more. Friendship is the constantly fantastic feeling that dwells in my heart now. Thanks to her for being a gift. We met each other, on the first day of Seventh grade, at school. And only that one year we were in the same class, then we were in different sections, then in different schools, then in different colleges, and even today we reside in different places. Like any other relationship, our friendship also had its highs and lows, but believe me, it had been the rock on which we sat laughed, cried, scolded, forgave, hugged, celebrated, lived and continue to live our stories of life and above all holding each other\’s hands, with no intention to let go.

  One day I understood, she will be a great friend for a lifetime, and nothing in the world can ever make up to her. It was through this incident, which is vivid in my memory as though it happened yesterday. It was a PT session at school. Sports day preparations were on full swing. March-past practice was going on. I was not able to do as directed. Our PT teacher was a nice person but was strict when it came to sports. He reprimanded me in front of everyone. By the evening, as soon as Firoshah met my mom, she said everything that had happened. \’I was not able to bear it when the teacher scolded my friend. I felt really bad\’, she said. I saw the kind of love, care, and concern she had for me in her eyes. Her words were super hot. She was popping them out like mustard seeds, on the heated saucepan. To share someone\’s pain and worry for their wellbeing, trying our best to reduce their pain is love.  Many happiness hacks that are part of my life are from telephonic conversations we had. Her dialogues served as a boost at times. They lifted up my spirit during the time of need. I never had a big bunch of friends, neither had a chance to regret it. My friend filled up the friendship page in my book of life so vibrantly, with passion and purpose making it significant.

I was always available to her whenever she needed me. However, I always thought of knowing what I meant to her. This message from her was more than what I could ever ask for. \’My best friend, the distance between you and me is only a heartbeat away, For you and I, dwell in each other\’s heart-there forever we will stay. You know all my emotions, many they may be. You know when to be gentle, And when to chastise me. Two gentle souls deeply connected, thoughts not spoken, there is no need for the other knows, what one is thinking even before they speak. So with all the love, in my heart today, I want to express to you these feelings I want to stay\’.

 Firoshah will forever top the list of gifts that Santa has ever given me. On this Christmas eve, I Would like to remember it and thank God for it. Let the good vibes of our friendship touch each beautiful soul reading this post.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020.

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  1. Nice ode to your friend and a well written post on friendship.There's no bigger blessing than having true friends and as you mentioned in your post, friendship is all about connection of the hearts 🙂


  2. Your post has reminded me my childhood friends, indeed friendship is one of the cherished relationship of our life and we should try to nurture it with love and care. nice write up, enjoyed reading it.


  3. Cherish your friend forever. Such friendships are rare nowadays. Even I have a friend from Lower kindergarten who is back in my life again as I searched for her and contacted again.


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