The most eloquent speech that God has ever given, women are the most creative creatures that God has ever created. Women do multitasking as a part of their life. A mother at home and a Professional at her workplace. Every single area at home is incomplete without her presence. She becomes the source of power and extends support to people in her life. She works like the mitochondria of the family. Women are an epitome of will power with which she can take any form and come out of any situation with flying colors. She is a teacher, doctor, dietician, cook, all in one for her own little world. No one can ever deny this fact, you would have noticed your mother, sister, wife or daughter wear many hats and be the jack of all trades. Women or men, they are people with the same heart, blood, and bones. Women are always strong. However, they look for respect, a few words of appreciation, encouragement, belief, and trust. 

If she finds a little of all the above, she will become the reservoir of love and power. The strength that men can derive from her after that will have no bounds. She can be a rough sketch or a masterpiece. It is about how you use your pencil. You can drive inspiration from every single creation that shares the planet with you. The Waves, the Sun, the Stars, the Soil, the Plant, the Thorn each and everything in the world has its own story of inspiration. We all adore women for their beauty that stays with them only for a short time. Only the flower gets the attention as it is a symbol of goodness, but the real message of wisdom lies in the mud and thorns. Women serve as a platform for lives to blossom, we build our roots of life from her. 

A woman may seem delicate, but within her lies the power to protect and nourish life. If we accept her flaws and still become the support system when she wants, then she will be unstoppable. Give a hand when she wobbles in her journey of life, and she will give two when you need it. She will become a pillar of eternal strength. When she finds trust and support, believe me, she will transform into your favourite Goddess, who will be blessing you forever. Women have been the dormant power within men and have motivated them to be successful people in life.

 “I couldn’t have done anything that I have done without Michelle. Not only has she been a great first lady, but she is also just my rock. I count on her in so many ways every single day.” – Barack Obama.
Nick Vijuvic one of the greatest motivational speakers of today is so because his mother was a strong lady. She believed in him, even when he was born without hands and legs. All the other mothers who delivered babies on the day at the hospital received wishes and bouquets. When she found her hospital room devoid of any wishes or flowers, she said my baby himself is the bunch of flowers that God has given me.

Charlie Chaplin, the man who gave the gift of laughter to the world, was the one laughed at by his friends, owing to his skinny appearance. The belief that his mother had on him helped transform his weakness into a strength.
All I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother – Abraham Lincoln. I have mentioned only four, but if I sit and count, it would be like counting stars in the sky. The smartest move that these successful men made was that they acknowledged and thanked the women in their lives. If the love, care, concern, and support becomes mutual, then life will be nothing less than a blessing.  Women the word itself has men to express the fact that both can coexist in love and make life better for each other.


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  1. Women really are much stronger than men think they are. We put up with so many challenges daily. It’s amazing how women do this and manage to come out with a beautiful family. Here’s to the power of the woman! A little bit of encouragement and she can get so much accomplished


  2. Nice tribute to the most powerful entity after God :)Totally agree to what you have mentioned in your post – a woman is a reservoir of great power and strength and the best support system a man could hope for !


  3. Lovely post on the god's most powerful creations. Each woman is strong and powerful in her own way. All that women need is some appreciation and encouragement and that is the best support you can give her. Loved your post 🙂


  4. Thank you for a great comment. I believe a comment is an impression that the work leaves on your heart. Catchy yet short is what I prefer but as you prefer from the next time.


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