Food technology

A Slice of life with food technology

A short message for life from a food technology blogger

Aseptic processing, where thermally sterilized food products are packaged into previously sterilized containers under the sterile condition to kill any harmful microbes and produce shelf-stable products it tells a message that Your environment makes you happy and helps you live longer.

Baking where the dough expands in volume to be the flavourful cake or cookie, it tells a message to go out of your comfort zone to find your new upgraded and more acceptable version.

ane sugar processing where sugar cane juice is undergoing phase change to become the sweetener that it tells a message that every phase of life comes with a new set of responsibilities.

Drying where water removed results in the desired product tells a message that life is all about the perspective the sun that melts snow hardens clay.

Extrusion, where pressure applied to the dough, results in desired and kid-friendly shapes of extruded products making them attractive tell a message when you are under pressure make it a point that you come out like noodles and pasta that attracts everyone.

Fortification, where micronutrients are added to food to reduce dietary deficiencies, tells a message that we have to fill up the gaps in our skillset to move forward in life.

I will begin my food technology series with all the relevant processing technologies from my next post until then relish the message of life.

 Words for your soul

Courage is power!

Courage is strength!

 Courage is hope!

Courage is intuition!

Courage is a belief!

Courage isn’t the end of the game, but it is the spark of light that brightens the path of life and does not allow you to pause until you embrace the cause that is ingrained in your soul.

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  1. That is indeed a set of very interesting analogies between for technology and principles of life of all things. Great going. Quiet an unconventional post.

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  2. What a wonderful and unique start of the series. Loved your style as well as the messages especially the pasta and noodles. Looking forward to all the your posts as I am sure these will bring out some very useful content.


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