Food technology

Captivating The Craft Of Baking

As we all know, it is a thermal process that uses an oven.

During baking, three basic processes happen.

  1. Expansion of the dough or Oven spring,

2. Drying of the surface,

 3. Crust browning.

Inside the oven, heat travels to the interior of the dough while moisture escapes to the surroundings.

There are two types of baked products

  1. Yeast-leavened
  2. Chemically leavened

Each and every ingredient in baking has a function to perform in the process of baking. The two parameters that are of prime significance are time and temperature.

The leavening agent in simple terms means a substance added to help the dough to rise during oven spring. 

Application :  Baking is the main process in the preparation of bread, buns, rolls, crackers, cakes, and cookies. Without baking, most of the interesting foods we enjoy are impossible.

Around the world with food technology                                                                                         

A new interesting combination of brownie and cookie called brookie is attracting people of recent times who love to have their brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. A Company in Los Angeles makes brookies that are famous and delicious.

Antioxidants for health

Blueberries are called the king of antioxidant foods because of the antioxidant compound called flavonoids present in them. Anthocyanin in blueberries are responsible for their color and their health benefits when consumed.

Β I have an alternative to blueberries you can add beetroot to your plate and ensure that you are having a meal filled with antioxidants. YOUR IMMUNITY IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO ANTIOXIDANTS YOU CONSUME.

Get hold of colourful vegetables.

Baking for life

There can be so many things in life that can give you pain and pull you down. You should make hope your natural leavening agent and rise like the cake that adds happiness to your life.

An interesting piece of information  

Food Scientists at the defence food research laboratory Mysore have made biryani available to our soldiers on the Siachen Glacier.  This biryani has a Shelf life of up to one year.

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  1. Wow! What wonderful analogy in baking with life. Just loved it. Siva, i am saving it and going to use it somewhere in my future posts. Very well writtenπŸ‘πŸ‘


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