Food technology

Grandma’s Technology Of Food

Happy world health day! Do You have any idea who were the first food engineers in the world? Undoubtedly, it was our grannies who discovered food fermentation technology.  

Fermentation is the process of converting carbohydrates to alcohols or organic acids, using microorganisms like yeast or bacteria.

Fermented foods are gaining interest around the world because of the numerous health benefits they offer. 

All the fermented foods are a great source of probiotics and are a part of the traditional cuisines of different countries all over the world. 

What makes probiotics, a healthy choice of food is the age-old fermentation process, and the stains of active gut-friendly bacteria in the culture.

 Probiotics are a group of live beneficial microorganisms that are naturally present in our digestive system.

 Bacteria aren’t all bad.

Our body needs the right balance of good gut-friendly bacteria.

When bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria, illness occurs.

Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are the most useful bacteria used for fermentation.

 The large scale fermentation process happens inside a fermenter with the help of a suitable nutrient medium under certain favourable conditions.


  1. It improves digestibility and gives the desired flavour and taste to food 

2. It ensures food safety by destroying pathogens in food.

3. It enhances various nutrients in food 

Around the world with food technology

Tapai is a popular dessert with a sweet and acidic taste with a mild alcoholic flavour. Fermenting cooked glutinous rice inside a banana leaf for two days makes a traditional dish, without which the people of Indonesia and Malaysia would never say Selamat Datang.  

Antioxidants for health  

Allicin in garlic is responsible for the antioxidant activity that strengthens the immune system. Add garlic to your diet, and ensure that you stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Instant Rava dhokla recipe, I tried today


1&1/2 cup of Rava

1 cup of water 

1 cup of curd 

1 Tablespoon of oil

a teaspoon of Eno fruit salt 

2-Finely chopped green chilies 

 a teaspoon of turmeric powder 

 a small piece of ginger 

1/2 -Teaspoon of salt 

For tempering add cumin seeds, curry leaves and 2 green chillies, urad dhal, a little oil, and a teaspoon of water. 

Add the curd to the Rava and mix well, then add water, turmeric powder, ginger and green chili that is finely chopped.  

 Allow the batter to rest for 40 minutes. Steam cook for 10 mins and add the tempering, cut into slices and enjoy.

Fermentation for life

In life, many times we may feel that advice that elderly people give us is boring, but when we think about them seriously we will understand there is a lot of wisdom and goodness in their words that heal and improve our life the same way fermented food improves our health.

Old is gold.

An interesting piece of information

Black garlic or fermented garlic has two times the antioxidants present in raw garlic and, this browning is due to Millard’s reaction, which gives a sweet syrupy taste.

Probiotic food helps in the secretion of serotonin, the feel-good hormone.

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