Food technology

Lift Your Buying Spirit By Reading Labels

Food labeling is the simplest way through which food manufacturer communicates useful information to the buyer so that they can make their buying decision in a much easier and smart way. 

A dozen of the mandatory information

  1. The name – Name of the food product is the first and foremost because it says it all.
  2. Ingredients list must include the word ‘ingredients’ along with different ingredients used for producing the product listed in descending order of weight. 
  3. Quantitative Ingredient declaration or QUID 

There must be a quantitative representation denoted in percentage that is placed next to the different ingredients in the list giving information about how much percentage of different ingredients are used.  

 4. Net quantity is the weight or volume of the product without the packaging given in metric units.

5. Instruction for use

General instruction on how to use/prepare the food before consumption given by the manufacturer.

6. Product durability indication

This is of two types 

  1. Best before: This is used for pre-packaged food. The food is of the best quality when used before this date.
  2. Use by: This is used on perishable foods where spoilage is easy when used after the use-by date.

7. Storage condition

For dry product                 

Store in a cool, dry place

For a fridge product

keep refrigerated

For frozen product

Store frozen below-18 degree Celsius

Do not refreeze once thawed.

8. The business name and address of the business operator is provided.

9. Country of origin

 It becomes mandatory when the food is produced in a country and sold in some other country.

10. Food allergens

Mentioning food allergens are helpful to customers when making the right choice of food in case of intolerance to a certain type of food.

11. If a health claim is made about the product, say high fiber or cholesterol-free, nutrition information should be provided.

12. Alcohol strength must be provided if a drink contains alcohol.


  1. It gives knowledge to the consumer about the food they buy.

2. It helps buyers to make better-informed choices.

3. It helps consumers to use and store food safely.

Around the World with food technology

Nutrition labeling is of great interest all over the world because it provides an opportunity to highlight and revitalize healthy eating and thereby completes the full circle of healthy eating by helping customers make better and smarter food choices.

Antioxidants for health

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and flavonoids that are known to remove free radicals from our body that help prevent diseases and promote well being. It is great to use frozen lemon with peel, you can grate it over your hot soup and get to enjoy the trio of health, taste, and flavor.

Labelling for life 

It is great to be aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, but we should not judge or label any person for who they are, because we never know what they lived through and it is a fact that everyone gets better with time. 

An interesting piece of information

Sulfites are considered incidental ingredients and may not be listed on the ingredient list on a food label. Even though there are about 14 allergens, only eight of them are subject to food allergen labeling and consumer protection act. (FALCPA)

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