Food technology

Nano world

Nanotechnology deals with materials with a particle size of 1-100 nm that have unique properties, unlike their macro scale counterparts, and these peculiar characteristics are used to develop new and improved products.


Nanotechnology has two wide applications in food processing

Food nanostructured ingredients and food nano sensing.

Nanoparticles are used in food additives, carriers for smart delivery of nutrients, anticaking agents, antimicrobial agents, fillers for improving mechanical strength to food packaging material.

Food Nano sensing is applied to achieve better food quality and safety evaluation.

The nanostructured food ingredients offer improved taste, texture, and consistency, shelf life, and also help to reduce wastage of food. Nano carriers are utilized as the delivery system to carry food additives in food products as these are better absorbed effectively, than the large size micro particles. It is used in the development of improved colloids, biopolymer matrices, emulsions and formation of encapsulation.

The properties of an ideal delivery system able to deliver the active compound, precisely at the target place,

ensure availability at the target time, and specific rate,

efficient to keep active compounds at suitable levels for a long time.

Nano sensors are used for pathogen detection in food industries. with high sensitivity, they ensure better levels of food safety.  

Around the world with food technology                           

    Food packaging finds a new way with silver nanoparticles being used for providing a barrier against microbial spoilage in carbonated beverages.

Antioxidants for health

Nutmeg is rich in antioxidants including plant pigments, phenolic compounds that help fight free radicals and thus prevent us from diseases.

Nanotechnology for life

If you want to master an art you got to observe every minute detail of it because every tiny piece of information will have its importance.

 Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. 

With  a tiny yet consistent effort, you can even learn something you have never tried before say you can learn a new language or Calligraphy during these lockdown days or anything that interests you may be  singing, dancing, sketching. 

An interesting piece of information

 Nano wine is engineered and it has nano capsules of different flavors in the same wine so you can taste many flavors in one drink.

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