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Ode Not Poetic To Ohmic Heating

Ohmic heating is a process of heating food though passing an alternating electric current that results in rapid yet uniform heating of the product.

Conventional heating leads to loss of nutrients or overheating, but in ohmic heating, due to internal heat generation, efficient heating with no energy loss happens.

The main aim is to kill pathogens in food, and also preserve the nutritional and sensory properties of food to the maximum level possible.

The food acts as an electrical resistor and is heated by the dissipation of electrical energy. In short,

V = IR works here.        

An ohmic heating system consists of

The  main factors that influence the ohmic heating process are electrical field strength, residence time and electrical conductivity of food, viscosity, temperature, voltage gradient which influence temperature generation and ohmic heating efficiency.


It is used for processing heat-sensitive liquid foods that contain large particulates like fruit juices, soups, syrups, sauces, protein-rich foods like eggs that denature when thermally processed.

Around the world with food technology

Different companies that make pulpy orange juice, Puddings with fruit slices, soups, and processed egg have ohmic heating as a part of their processing.

Antioxidants for health             

Onions contain a high amount of vitamin c and quercetin a flavonoid that contributes to the antioxidant activity that prevents oxidative stress and cell damage. Include onions as you always do and make sure you stay healthy and safe.

Four red onions isolated on white backgroun

Ohmic heating for life

Have an optimistic approach in life that even stress would have very little effect on your mental and physical well being like the effect Ohmic heating has on food.

An interesting piece of information

The ohmic heating system was first introduced by APV baker limited New Delhi, India for heating particulate food products.

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