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Pondering Over Pasteurization

Pasteurization is a mild heat treatment used to  destroy  the pathogenic bacteria that spoil food.  Even though so many technologies of preservation are used, pasteurization remains paramount.

Three different methods of pasteurization

Vat pasteurization where milk is heated at 63-degree Celcius for thirty minutes, and then cooled, this is mostly used for cheese and yogurt processing.

HTST process where milk is heated at 72-degree Celcius for 15 seconds and then cooled. It is the most widely used method of heat treatment.

UHT process where milk is heated at 140-degree Celcius for 4 seconds and then cooled this method has the highest shelf life.

There can small changes in temperature according to the product or process.

The continuous pasteurization is carried out by passing food through plate heat exchangers in four stages.





Components of HTST pasteurizer

Process of pasteurization

 In a plate heat exchanger counter-current flow is used,  Gaskets are provided to prevent leakage. It consists of a series of metal plates that are closely packed and are corrugated to increase the turbulence of liquids. The function of the plate heat exchanger is to heat raw milk to a certain temperature (60-deg) with the help of pasteurized milk. 

And then this is sent to the heater where it is heated to pasteurization temperature and is held in the holding tank for a predetermined time, so that pasteurization is complete, and passed to the cooler. And then pasteurized milk is sent to the chiller where the temperature is further reduced to about 5-deg Celsius.


To kill pathogens in food that are responsible for spoilage and increase shelf life of the product.

 Around the world with food technology

Louis Pasteur along with his great contributions, to science, has found the pasteurization process without which beverage preservation in industries around the world, would be incomplete even today. This was the basic for different advanced preservation techniques of today.

Antioxidants for health

Peanuts are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, that perform the removal of free radicals, thereby preventing diseases. Snack on peanuts as they have a nutrition profile as healthy as almonds. You can have a hand full of them every day.

Pasteurization for life

To get rid of any hindrance in your path to success, you need to destroy a few self-created obstacles procrastination, self-doubt, a pessimistic attitude that can bring down enthusiasm, and delay success.

An interesting piece of information

pasteurization was found to extend the shelf life of red wine, but later it was also widely used for milk.

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  1. Milk, like other products, needs to be handled with care.
    How much to boil? How to prevent over-pasteurization? So many questions! Domestically heating does the job of preservation at home. UHT (ultra-high temperature)milk does not require refrigeration.


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