Food technology


Ultrasound sounds tremendous, even for the food industry. 

Ultrasound is a form of energy generated by sound waves having a frequency that is inaudible to human ears.

When sound waves pass through any medium, there will be a production of a high amount of energy due to compression and rarefaction within the particles in the medium.

Acoustic cavitation that is the formation, growth, and collapse of bubbles happens, as a result of interactions between sound waves, liquid, and dissolved gas, which is mainly due to agitation and collision of bubbles in the treated food product.


  1. Microbial inactivation 

 Harmful microbes are destroyed by cavitation.

Mechanical effects include turbulence and shearing effect.

Chemical effects include cavitation, and the production of free radicals that destroy the cell membrane of harmful microbes and then the free radicals neutralized when their work is done.

Physical effects include increase temperature and pressure generated around the food that preserves the food for a longer period.

2. Ultrasound waves are used for extraction, processing of fruit juices.

3. Ultrasound-assisted drying is employed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional drying methods.

4. Various unit operations including filtration, defoaming, deaeration, depolymerisation, cooking, moulding, extrusion, meat tenderization, defrosting, pickling or brining, emulsification, crystallization, homogenization, pasteurization, and sterilization are done effectively by ultrasonication in the food industry.

Around the world with food technology

The food industries are planning to utilize ultrasound waves to shorten the resting time of fermented products by improving the fermentation process.

Antioxidants for health

Unsalted nuts like almond, cashew, peanuts, pistachio a combination of these nuts serve as a great source of antioxidant that can also provide healthy calories and improve good cholesterol in our body.  

Ultrasound for life

Many times in life, stress agitates and disturbs the peace of mind, with hope and self-confidence, you can convert stress into productivity as everything has some good when you perceive it properly.

An interesting piece of information

In nature, dolphins use low-intensity ultrasound waves to attack prey, while some marine animals use high-intensity ultrasonic waves to track and attack their prey.                                                        

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