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Vacuum For Food Packaging

A vacuum is simply the absence of air‘ creating this environment for food inside a package is Vacuum packaging.

As most of the aerobic bacteria require oxygen to grow, the basic idea is to minimize their growth, by packaging food after removing oxygen from the food package before filling and sealing it hermetically, to extend the shelf life of the food product.

The reduced oxygen environment also prevents undesirable changes in food due to oxidation.

Vacuum packaging eliminates oxidation, prevents freezer burn, prevents contamination due to moisture in the air, however natural moisture in the food is preserved, prevents rancidity in oil, which occurs because of free radical formation, which happens while storing oil for a long time in the presence of air.

Types of vacuum packaging machines

  1. External bag machines

The machine will remove the air and seal bag, which is all done outside the machine, and a heat sealer is used to seal the pack.

   2. Vacuum chamber machine 

Single chamber vacuum machines 

Once the product is placed inside the machine, the removal of air and sealing happens inside the machine. 

Double chamber vacuum machines are used for vacuum sealing liquid foods.

3. Rotary belt vacuum sealer.

4. Automatic belt vacuum sealer

5.Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines


It is commonly used for for the packaging of cheese, cured meat, fish, coffee, potato chips, vegetables and liquid foods, cereals, nuts.

Around the world with food technology

Vacuum packaging is used along with other preservation methods to significantly improve product shelf life and prevent deterioration of product quality in food industries around the world.

Antioxidants for health

Vanilla extract has Vanillin that has antioxidant and antidepressant effects along with providing a pleasant aroma to baked goods, desserts, and sweets. 

Vacuum packaging for the life 

Even in vacuum packaging, zero percentage of air is impossible always there is a little air is left in the package, so is a spark of hope in life. Even a very little can help to spring back to happiness.

An interesting piece of information 

Vacuum sealers were first introduced by a German inventor Karl Busch and used for preserving food for soldiers during world war-2.

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