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Way To Know The whey

We all know the usefulness of curd in food, health, and skincare. Today we will get to know about a liquid that we get when milk curdles. Whey is a natural substance, a light green liquid that precipitates on the top layer of curd, or the liquid that is left over, after cheese making. It will be astonishing to know that this liquid, which is ignored, has numerous health benefits.

Home-made whey contains lactoferrin: A multifunctional protein with iron-binding properties that acts as anti-microbial.

Bovine serum albumin: A substance high in amino acids helps improve antioxidant activity and helps maintain cholesterol levels.

Probiotic organisms: Promote digestion and improves nutrient absorption from food, with all essential amino acids.

Minerals: Rich in zinc and potassium.

Vitamins: Riboflavin

Whey can be used in soups, and even it can be added while making chapatis to the wheat flour.

Processing of whey

Raw milk is collected, cooled at 4 degrees Celsius, refrigerated, and pasteurized. This milk contains 80% casein and 20% whey.

The liquid whey is separated, as a by-product of cheese making using rennet and other enzymes. Whey passes through membrane filtration and ion exchange process, and this results in the production of whey protein concentrate. 

The high protein liquid whey concentrate is spray-dried to obtain the whey protein powder.

Whey powders are preferred by sportspersons, as they help maintain weight and also help build muscle.


Whey protein concentrate and isolate are used in baking mixes, candy, chocolate fudge, coffee whiteners, diet supplements.

Around the world with food technology

whey protein texturization by extrusion is what whey processing industries around the world are looking up in the years to come.

Antioxidant for health

Watermelons are a rich source of antioxidants lycopene and vitamin C that helps fight disease better, along with providing hydration to our body.

Whey protein-rich chocolate pudding

Ingredients needed:

50-grams of Agar-agar

2-tablespoons of sugar

2-tablespoons of chocolate powder or vanilla essence

a glass of milk

a glass of homemade and filtered whey


  1. Boil the Agar-agar in a glass of water until it turns to be a thick, transparent liquid.

   2. Meanwhile, boil milk and add chocolate powder and add sugar to it.

   3. Pour the chocolate milk to the Agar-agar solution and bring to boil for 5 to 10 minutes.

    4. Allow cooling down for sometime.

     5. Add the whey to the mixture that is set aside to cool.

     6. Refrigerate for 2 hours, and your dessert is ready, there you go.

Whey processing for life

 There will be so many things you ignore in life because of lack of time or just because you are not thinking about the good things it can do to you just like whey. What I suggest is to find that productive activity and invest your time in that as this would promote overall well being. A walk or some fitness exercises or a time for yourself with a cup of your favourite beverage can make you feel energized.

An Interesting piece of information

Whey was first used as a health tonic to boost the immune system prescribed by the father of medicine -Hippocrates to his patients in 330 BC.

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