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Zest And Zeal Of 3D Food Printing

I am completing the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge with an attractive and interesting topic. Before that, I want to thank each and everyone, my mom, my family, my readers, fellow bloggers, Leha, and the blogchatter team who supported me in this journey, #Thank You.

 3D food printing offers great texture, structure, and shape to food, making it so addictive to the eye and the taste buds in the tongue.

As long as food ingredients can be pureed, it can be printed.

The food that is to be print needs to be forced through a syringe-like mechanism to be extruded into their artistic 3D version. A 3D food print offers an advantage to people with dysphagia providing them comfort and variety.

This new technology opens the door to food customization and innovation.

And the current 3D printers are reliant on microwaves, ovens, and infrared cooking, and this makes multi-material food printing possible. Even meat and vegan alternatives are 3D printed, 3D printed lunches are available to children in a few countries. Starbucks features 3D printed ice cream, restaurants use 3D printing machines, to make their food more attractive for their customers.

3D printing of food addresses malnutrition, as customization this way provides adequate nutrient intake based on an individual’s dietary requirements. 3D printers may become a part of domestic kitchens may be some years later, but they would make animated food we see in cartoons a reality. Now through food printing, chocolates, sweets, pasta, and even meals are made.

Around the world with food technology

These 3D  food printers have a  revolutionary future with artificial intelligence, where all the healthy ingredients you choose will be made to customized meals according to your dietary requirements, extruded into marvellous 3D shapes and cooked automatically will reach your plate, with a push of a button on the food printer. Isn’t that sound like a dream?  But it has all the possibility to come true.

Just for fun, but it is true.

Oh my God, when I say that, I remember the difficulty I had while understanding 3D structures in my engineering drawing class at my university. And see, where these passionate techies are taking technology and food both to the next world.

3D for life

The 3D images provide a new perspective of understanding. They are a source of excitement, and the wonderful part is they give you out of the world experience and bring about more energy and enthusiasm, with a great blend of adventure and happiness.

 Antioxidants for health

Zest is a food ingredient obtained while scraping the rind of citrus fruits like lemon, orange, citron, and lime. There are so many beneficial compounds, including antioxidants, in the zest of these healthy fruits. Zest can be added to soups, juices, marmalade, and all your appetizing starters as they have a great flavour that enhances your eating experience. #Stay home, #stay safe #stay strong #stay blessed and take care.

An interesting piece of information

3D pizza for space travel and 4D shape-shifting pasta that folds into various shapes when cooked are next in the list of 3D foods.

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  1. Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z Challenge!
    This is quite ground-breaking and when it does eventually take over the world, I will remember having first learnt about it from you!


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