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Book review \’ Writings Over Coffee\’ by Romila #BlogchattereBook #BlocchattereBookcarnival2020 #blogchatter

Blurb: An aficionado of good lists, Romila has put together a list called “My favourite Things 2.0”. It is a collection of her personal favourites, from the letters A to Z. It will help the reader to get to know her better and inspire him to create a list of his own!
About the author: Romila is a lover of literature who is passionate about books. Writing is her forte. She turned reader at 5, writer at 13, blogger at 21, author and poetess at 32. She has written 8 e-books and co-authored 17 anthologies. She has edited and conceptualised 2 fantasy novels. When she is not reading or writing you can find her enjoying her coffee, listening to music and colouring doodles. She lives in Hyderabad with her parents.

Review : Writings over coffee by Romila is a perfect book to ponder while you enjoy your evening coffee. Starting from Mona Lisa where the author discusses this timeless masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, her words depict her love for artwork.

As a girl I too love bangles that too the colorful ones that go well with the outfit I wear, here the writer shows a glimpse of her love for bangles. When she writes out the scientific reason behind wearing bangles, she symbolizes the beauty and dignity of Indian women. 
Coffee-love, as she says, resonates with me. For me and most of the people, it is a go-to beverage to just feel good and relaxed. She has her reasons for everything she enjoys and that is what I loved in her book.
Diamonds are always the most preferred jewelry of pride and beauty that women adore, and this is a timeless fact that no one can deny. Eat healthy live better is what she conveys after all health is wealth, and she throws light on the need to have a healthy lifestyle. 
Flowers and the perspective of life touched through them, is the one I loved the most. Anything that you enjoy as a kid stays with you forever. So here she tells her dad introduced beautiful and meaningful Ghazals to her at a much early age and she understood their meaning later.
 We treat hair accessories as a catchy jewel with the right hairdo and she speaks of all the variety of hair accessories that take a special place in every girl’s heart. 
Ice cream that too with chocolate chips on top is a mouth-watering yummy feast. Jhumkas prevent women from negative energies. Yes, every jewelry that women wear has a health benefit when perceived with a scientific reason that only a few people are aware of. The variety of Jhumkas she explores makes me think of buying one pair of each when I next go shopping. Kurtas a trend that will never become out of fashion, she says. One request I have, ‘You should arrange a wardrobe tour someday when I visit you.’ 
Love is not love which alters when its alteration finds is what she says but in her style. Mandala coloring pages and the healing effect they offer by lifting your spirits. Nail colors and the personality they bring about was too interesting. Her love for London, poetry, quotes, roses, stationery, toe rings, vocabulary, window seat, Xocolatl, and her movie recommendation to the zodiac which she ends her book with. I could relate to her very much and I know many will be able to because of her unique way with words. The variety of topics makes her book a perfect blend of coffee that refreshes your mind and soul.
The THANK YOU way:
This holds true for the author and thanks to her for sharing all her favorites with her readers through her book.
I give 4.5 out of 5 for this breezy read.
“This review is a part of Blogchatter’s Ebook Carnival 2020” 

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