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Book review: Bolly Talkies by Archana Srivastava #BookReviews

Blurb: ATTENTION ALL BOLLYWOOD LOVERS!!!!! This book is all about the famous movies/characters of Bollywood! And some opinions and facts that may spark endeavor in you! The movies featured in this book are all movies or characters that imprinted their own mark in society! So, if you are a keen lover of movies then Bolly Talkies (ABCs of Bollywood) will surely win you over and you will feel very connected to it!! So, be sure to get your read on!!!

Archana is an MBA Graduate, Former HR Professional, Former Management Faculty, she thoroughly enjoyed her working career till 2015, after which she took a break from working, due to husband’s Project shift in the US. There also Archana is living her life to the fullest primarily as a Wife of a Supportive Husband, Mommy of 2 exquisite kiddos, and now with the addition of these as a Blogger too. She actively loves to participate in the activities of Dancing and Singing also. Festivals give her immense pleasure and keep up her ardor for the whole year.

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Bolly talkies book is a fun-filled jolly Bolly ride. If you are a movie buff, this book will be a great dose of entertainment. The author talks about some well-known movies Taare Zameen par, Thumari Sulu, Barfi, Dangal, English Vinglish, Gully boy, Queen, M. S Dhoni: The Untold Story to name a few. There were so many chapters that blew my mind, but her chapter dedicated to the friendship that ruled the Box office had its own magic spell on me. Even if you are not so interested in movies, I recommend you to pick up this book to read the section eye-openers as these are useful lessons and takeaways from these impactful movies and the author had come up with her own journal of inspiration with enchanting words that can change your life for better and also give you some motivation and a positive perspective to stay strong in life.

The Author is a great fan of  Shahrukh Khan and her admiration for the star is clear from the chapter dedicated to the king of romance where she jots down some outstanding characters played by the actor like Raj Malhotra, Rahul Raichand, Veer Pratap Singh, Surinder Suri Sahni to name a few. Truly the actor paved a unique path of fandom through his character in these movies and also gave reasons for Indian girls to dream about him. Well, which girl would not pray for a life partner like Raj Malhotra or Surinder Suri Sahni? I am sure every girl does. These characters inspire every person to imbibe these wonderful qualities in their life.

This book is so good that it will remind you to watch these timeless movies once again and make your leisure time more enjoyable.

The THANK YOU way:

This holds true for the author, and she has done a marvelous job in her book. I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 for the variety she has shown and her unique choice of movies.

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  1. Thanks a lot Siva for your honest review for my book Bolly Talkies, taking your time out to read and reviewed it really means a lot to me dear����Archana Srivastava


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